How the food you eat affects your gut – Shilpa Ravella

Trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi live on or inside of us, and maintaining a good, balanced relationship with them is to our advantage. Together, they form the gut microbiome, a rich ecosystem that performs a variety of functions in our bodies. The bacteria in our guts can break down food the body can’t digest,…

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A Surprising Mistake | Barbie Stop Motion

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Berry Breakfast Bake | Holiday Recipe | Albertsons

When I’m having company stay this time of year I like to have a homemade breakfast ready to go that’s super simple That way I can spend more time with my guests My solution is a Berry Breakfast Bake with a mason jar blackberry maple syrup It’s so delicious. You’re going to love it OK,…

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Sweet Paratha (Grilled Flatbread) Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making sweet paratha. This is a whole wheat flat bread filled with nuts, sugar and cinnamon. This enjoyable paratha is a great option for breakfast or serve anytime as a snack with tea or coffee. This recipe will make 4 parathas. To make the paratha, first to make dough we will…

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Quelle alimentation pour les bébés et petits enfants ? + Calendrier de diversification alimentaire

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Le problème de l’argument de l’alimentation paléo

Our epidemics of dietary disease have prompted a great deal of research into what humans are meant to eat for optimal health. In 1985, an influential article was published proposing that our chronic diseases stem from a disconnect between what our bodies evolved eating during the Stone Age during the last 2 million years and…

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Identical Twins PREGNANT with TWINS for 24 Hours! *not real*

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14-Year-Old Prodigy Programmer Dreams In Code

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{Top Santé} 5 Aliments qui vous donnent de l’énergie

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Grâce à ces 3 aliments, contre les flatulences

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