100% wholemeal wheat bread with scald
recipe for 1000g flour Scald wholemeal wheat flour 200g
boiled water 450g add water in several steps and stir well add diastatic malt 20g and stir again fermentation 3 h. at 65°C cool down the scald to 33°C and add 20g of CLAS what is CLAS, look in the video description baker’s fresh yeast 0,8-0,9g and 10ml water or brewer’s yeast 0,5g. I used the strain on the picture. should produce banana flavor. stir fermentation 14-15 h at 29°C Autolysis wholemeal wheat flour 250g
water 150g 1 h at the room temperature
or 8 h at 16-18°C Dough Yes, the pre-ferment smells a little like bananas, if you know what to expect Mix pre-ferment with Autolysis by adding pre-ferment in several steps salt 13-17g
fresh yeast 10g
water 20ml wholemeal wheat flour 530g fermentation 90-100 minutes at 30°C roll the dough and rest it for 5-7 minutes shape the loaf final proof 40 minutes wet the surface and stick the loaf bake with steam
15 minutes 240°C
following by 30 minutes 200°C 2 minutes before finish, spray the loaf with water cool down Long shelf life, pleasant flavor and taste! Thanks for watching!