Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen Winter season has came now Month of November has started At this time We would like to have one thing That is Tea, we enjoy it We enjoy the Tea a lot But at this time In winters We like to have Tea But again and again Sugar in Tea It is so wrong And if we have Jaggery Tea Then sometimes it gets curdled So what is the reason behind it ? Why Jaggery Tea gets curdled ? Jaggery is healthy It is good for the throat It is much healthy than Sugar So because of Jaggery Tea It keeps us warm There will be so much of cold after sometime So if we will the Tea of Jaggery and Ginger Without getting curdled Without any worries You will get used to of this taste Then you will not like to have any other Tea So really If you will have this type of Tea Then You will never like any other type of Tea You will not like the Sugar Tea I have made the video of Tea Masala also You liked it If you have not watched that video Make the masala and keep it Because with this Jaggery Tea If your throat is unwell So you can add that Tea Masala with it But today we will not use Masala Today we will use only Ginger Cardamom With Jaggery and Tea Leaves We will make the Tea Very amazing For making the Tea, first of all we will take a vessel I have kept it on the stove Now I will make 2 cups of Tea So I will put 1 cup of water in it Put 1 tbsp of Tea Leaves And it depends on the quality of Tea Leaves What colour of Tea you like ? It is your choice Must have the Tea of your choice Then only we like to have it Now we will not put Sugar in it Turn the flame medium And the Tea Leaves It should be boiling in the water Till then we will crush the Ginger and Cardamom I am taking Ginger here 1-1.5 inch of Ginger 2 pieces of Cardamom We will crush them You can see, I have crushed the Ginger and Cardamom But I had told you a trick You can follow that also See! Like we don’t have enough time in the morning For peeling the Ginger, washing it and then crushing it We don’t have this much time So we will What I do is.. When I have time so I make clean the Ginger Then I grate it and keep it for drying On any plate or on a butter paper And in this way I have collected so much of Ginger and keep it And I mixed it in the Tea Leaves also And the peels of Cardamom I put the peels of Cardamom and crushed Cardamom in the Tea Leaves So it will be easy for us to make the Tea So you can do according to your choice To this Ginger And to the Cardamom We will put in it And then boil it properly In another pan I will keep here Milk For heating it 1-1.5 cup of it Now we will put Jaggery in it As much you like sweetness Put the Jaggery according to it I am putting 2 pieces of Jaggery in it Jaggery controls your weight as well Jaggery helps in loosing the weight And you will never constipated It is healthy Sugar increases the weight And if we like to have Tea so we will stop ourselves Now see! Water is boiled with the Jaggery and Tea Leaves Here the Milk is also boiling Now we will put this boiling Milk In this Tea Very amazing It starts boiling now Now boil it as much you want to boil Although there is no need Because we have already boiled it properly And Milk is also properly boiled And there is no tension of getting curdled Not even 1% You can take generally used Jaggery I have taken here generally used Jaggery No special type of I didn’t use Organic Jaggery Or I didn’t use Jaggery Sugar in it I have taken generally used Jaggery which is available in market And I am boiling the Tea with the Jaggery But the Tea is still perfect Turn off the flame now And then filter the Tea If you liked my video So please like it Share it as much as you can Must subscribe the channel.