Hello Myself Garima & you are welcome at GG’s Platter. Where we cook different types of dishes And today, I am not going to cook anything on the gas. Even if I am not cooking on gas but something has to be made. And that’s an interesting salad. In salads we often consider raw vegetables. But I am not even making salad out of raw vegetables. I will make Lentil Salad. That too out of Raw Lentil. Raw Lentil Salad ? Does it sound weird ? But let’s try how it is. Firstly I have taken Split yellow lentil. I have washed it thoroughly and soaked it. Since Lentil is the main ingredient of this dish, hence its name is Dal Kosambari”. Which itself a kind of salad. Perhaps, In South India salads are known as Koshambari. Its made up of Split Yellow Lentil & that is its uniqueness. Firstly we’ll grate the cucumber. Its entirely your wish to grate the cucumber into thin or thick julienne strips. Cucumber has lot of water in it. Hence its always said to eat plenty of cucumber in summers. Because the quantity of water got dehydrated from your body in the form of sweat You would get that water back in your body. But when we are making this salad Then we have to squeeze out cucumber’s water, as its going to be a dry salad. So when we are talking about dry salad, then we need dryness. How to get the dryness Any ingredient will be separated from its water content when we add salt in it. Either the dish is cooking (on flame) or it is raw. To get the bitterness of Bitter gourd, if we sprinkle some salt on it Then the bitter gourd leaves its water content along with its bitterness. So here we’ll add some salt in cucumber. So that it may start releasing its water And we’ll keep it on the side. Till the time some water get released, then we’ll squeeze it out. Till then we’ll do rest of the preparation. For the remaining preparation, we want Grated Coconut. We’ll grate the coconut directly into the bowl. Since its a South Indian dish hence it can’t be completed without Coconut. We have grate sufficient amount of coconut. Now we’ll add Soaked Yellow Lentil in it Lentil has to be soaked for minimum 2 hours Now we’ll add finely chopped Green Chillies in it So that while eating none would get big pieces of green chilly. Since I said its South Indian Dish, coconut has already added now we’ll add Curry Leaves in it. Because its flavour and aroma is very much typical South Indian But its often says that Curry leaves are more eaten in South but in North Too, Curry leaves are being added into Punjabi Kadhi. Now we’ll mix it well We should remember that we have already put in salt in cucumber. So here when we’ll add the salt then we’ll put it as per the requirement of the dish only. Means the salt which is must for Lentil & Coconut. As you can see, cucumber has released its water but it has lot of water in it then My suggestion over here is to squeeze it out with the hand, as there is no other way. Pressing with spoon will not be able to strain out its water. So what we’ll do is Firstly we’ll strain this water out Also we’ll squeeze it & believe me the water will keep on squeezing from it. And that too in adequate quantity. So here we’ll put this dry cucumber in the bowl As you can see that more water is squeezing out. And let me tell you, that almighty never let anything go waste Or he always has some plans while creating this world. So you shouldn’t waste this cucumber juice. Apply it on your face, you will get different kind of facial glow. See, how much juice we got from out of one cucumber. Now if you want you can drink this, as its Cucumber’s Juice actually. Because its going to be very healthy & nutritious Our salad is done here which was very easy to make. And I will not serve it like this. Since I have to present it you, then its presentation is must. Now we’ll take it out in a bowl As you can see it already had very summery colour. Very light Green with White & Light Yellow You can add a grated carrot in it, if you make it more colourful. Now to decorate or to garnish this salad What i’ll do is I shall use two ingredients (Curry Leaves & Coconut) which I have used in the dish. Here we are ready with our Dal Kosambari Salad Which is very healthy, Raw(Soaked) Lentil, Coconut, Cucumber & Taste. Now you’ll like this this & you’ll like to present it and even like to share it as well. You’ll have to share this link by Facebook, Twitter, Email & Whatsapp. You’ll have to subscribe this channel,, if you haven’t done it till now. I am sure you must have subscribed it already. Because I know you are liking the dishes Lots of dishes are yet to come Lots of guests are about to come. How will you get all this information, if you haven’t subscribe the channel? You want all the information at priority, Right ? So right now, subscribe. See you the next time, Bye….