Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Let’s see how to make pizza sandwich today. You must have tasted different pizzas till today. But today we are making pizza sandwich. Kids just love this and this is a good option for kids’ lunch box. Heat up 1 tsp olive oil in a pan. You also can use butter or your regular oil. I have some sliced veggies. I have washed mushrooms and sliced them. Sliced green pepper and onion. Add all the veggies in oil. We have to cook them just for a minute or two. Don’t let them overcook. Mix veggies with oil. You can skip mushroom if you don’t eat it. You can use veggies of your choice. Like corn, olives or sliced tomatoes. You also can add finely chopped spinach in pizza sandwich. Wash spinach really good and chop it finely. Spinach doesn’t have its own flavor or it is not bitter like fenugreek. It gets cooked quickly and gets belnded well with other veggies. kids won’t come to know that spinach has been added. This dish will be more healthy. I don’t like overcooked veggies in this sandwich. So I turn off the gas. I have cooked veggies for a minute. You can cook more if you want. Add a pinch of black pepper powder and just a pinch of salt to taste. Take out veggies into a bowl. Let’s see how to arrange pizza sandwich. Heat up a griddel pan. You can use skillet too. Take sandwich bread slices. Spread a little butter to avoid absorption of pizza sauce directly into bread. And bread won’t be soggy. Apply butter to all slices form one side. I have spreaded butter to breads. To all 4 bread slices. Take pizza sauce. I have shared the recipe of pizza sauce in previous episode. I will attach its link in description box below. Do watch that recipe. You can use store bought pizza sauce. What do you mean by see in description box? Click on a little arrow below the video that you are watching now. So that link expands and you will find detailed method of this recipe in description box. You also will find information about recipe also there are some links related to that recipe. Whenever you watch my videos, click on this arrow and have a look if you want detailed recipe. Spread pizza sauce on all 4 bread slices. After sauce spread lots of cheese. I am using Mozzarella cheese here. After cheese add sauted veggies like mushroom onion on cheese. Add some more cheese over these veggies. You also can use cheese slice instead of mozzarella cheese. Put one cheese slice each below and above the veggies. So that this process will finish faster. Flip another bread slice over this and close it. Apply some more butter. As we are going to grill this on pan. Sandwich is stuffed and ready and also griddle pan is enough hot. Put the buttered side of the sandwich on the pan and grill it or toast it. You also can use skillet. Apply butter to another side as well. It is not compulsary to use butter for sandwich. You also can use oil. You also can use ghee. You don’t have to use butter specifically for sandwich. Oil or ghee give same crisp. Sandwich is nicely grilled from below. Let’s flip this over. Wow.. Looking yummy.. Let it grill from another side as well. This is nicely grilled from other side as well. Let’s take it out into a plate. It has got nice grill marks and crisp too. Let me grill one more sandwich and then we will cut it. I have taken out sandwich, now let’s cut it. Woow.. It is soo cheesy.. It’s hot. Though I am showing western recipes at the intervals, it doesn’t mean we won’t make Maharashtiran or traditional recipes. We will be making traditional recipes. Velantine day is round the corner. So I am doing western recipes as it’s preparation. You do try these on Valentine’s day.Valentine’s day is not just for husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. You can make these recipe for your kids or relatives or parents or friends on Valentine’s day. There is official MadhirasRecipe Marathi page and facebook profile on facebook. Like the page and send friend request there. So that you will get daily updates of these recipes. If you want quick recap or review, there are quick videos of the recipes on page. You have to like and comment this video. Do not forget to subscribe. Click on subscribe icon below the video that you are watching. I am adding list of ingredients at the end of video as per suggestion by some people. You will find detail ingredient list at end of video. You will find detailed written recipe of this video in the description box below. You can see ingredients list either in description box or at the end of the video. Thank you very much for watching my recipe. Let’s meet again with such nice recipe. Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.