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the bell icon for regular recipe updates. Namaste! Welcome to
Ruchkar Mejwani with Smita. Many people have egg and bread
for their morning breakfast. Many different dishes are made from eggs. Like Omelettes or bhurji
(scrambled eggs) or boiled eggs. But there are different ways
of making an Omelette. Today I will show you a simple
Omelette bread recipe. Which is loved and eaten by all at my home. So let’s make bread omelette. Here I have taken yellow and
red bell pepper finely chopped. In it goes some onion, around half an onion. Coriander. Green chilli, according to your taste. And here I will beat 6 eggs in it. Now I will beat this nicely. To it some salt. And I will also add some
black pepper powder. Now let’s keep this aside. Here I have 4 bread slices. I am going to slice it in triangle like this. Here I have kept pan to heat. To that I will add some oil. I will coat this pan nicely with the oil. And I will dip this bread nicely into
this from both the sides. I will put this in to fry. Now let’s pour some extra mixture onto it. And flip it. Cook the egg properly from both the sides. We have cooked the eggs
from both the sides nicely. Now let’s remove it. Now do the same with the remaining breads. It can basically be the nice quick fix too. For the breakfast. It looks beautiful and colourful. Kids like this for sure. You can also add cheese before
giving it to the children. Our Bread Omelette is ready to eat. It’s simple and it’s quick. So do try this recipe and let us know. For more such quick recipes
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