Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Let’s see how to make bread pakoda today. Rainy season has started and fried snacks are in demand. Mostly we eat kanda bhaji, batata bhaji, batata vada. A different type of bhaji is bread pakoda. To begin with take 1/2 cup besan into a bowl. Add 2 tsp rice flour. Rice flour gives nice crunch to any bhaji. And they remain crunchy for a longer time too. Add 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, 1/2 tsp red chili powder, a pinch of ajwain, Salt to tsate and less than a pinch of baking soda. Add very little soda. Mix this well once. Add little water in thisand make batter as we make for batata bhaji. 1/3 cup water in enough for this proportion. Beat the flour for about 2-3 minutes really good. Make it light and fluffy. Do not make it too thin. See the consistency. It is a little thicker as bread should be nicely coated by this. You will find a subscribe icon below video you are watching. You will also find bell icon beside that. You can click on it. You have to login youtube for that. As I am getting queries, Madhura, why have you stopped uploading new recipes? In fact I upload 3-4 recipes per week. To avoid this confusion, you subscribe. So that you won’t miss any of my recipes. I have beat the batter nicely for 3-4 minutes. Add finely chopped coriander leaves. Mix well. Give the batter standing time of about 15-20 minutes. Batter is already and let’s make bread slices. I have 3 white bread slices. Remove the edges. Like so. If you don’t want to remove edges, its ok. You can dip these edges in batter and make bhaji from it. These also taste nice like finger fries. Cut the bread across in triangular shape. Take out the slices into a dish. Let’s fry pakode now. Dip the bread slices into batter. Oil is enough hot. Coat the bread with batter really good from both sides. Like so. Drop it into hot oil. Take next bread slice. Coat it really good from both sides and drop into hot oil. Fry these on medium heat until nice and crispy. These should get nice golden colour. Fry for about 2 minutes. Now flip over. Wow.. They have got nice colour. You can see. Fry from other side as well. After frying well from both sides, take out bread pakoda. Drain excess oil and take out on a tissue paper. In the same way, fry remaining bread pakode. Bread pakoda is already. You can serve this with tamarind chutney or with tikhat chutney. It goes well with only tomato sauce too. Specially with hot masala tea these taste awesome. You can like and comment. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you very much for watching my recipe. Let’s meet again with such nice recipe. Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.