Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Let’s see how to make rava toast, sooji toast, rava uttapa or bread uttapa today. Take 3/4 cup coarse rava. Do not use fine rava. Add salt to taste, finely chopped green pepper. You can add veggies of your choice. Add deseeded finely chopped tomato. You also can add colour bell pepper, grated carrot. Add red chili powder, Chopped green chili, lots of coriander and 2 tsp curd. Mix everything well together and then add water. After combining well together, add 3-4 tsp water. Mixture should be thick. Don’t add more water. Mixture is looking awesome. If you add more water, bread absorbs moisture and becomes soggy. To avoid it, do not add more water. Add water so that the mixture just sticks to the bread. Perfect. Let’s keep this aside for about 5 minutes. Take bread slices and cut them into half. You can use the whole bread slice if you want. I use green bekari bread in Pune. It is a little thick or dense. So when we make toast, it doesn’t become soggy. Spread 1 tsp mixture evenly on berad. After spreading mixture, do not keep bread longer time. Heat up a skillet. We have to fry this bread side by side. I have applied rava mixture to some bread slices from one side. Skillet is enough hot. Add 1 tsp oil on skillet. Transfer bread slices on pan. Like so. Shallow fry the bread on medium heat until it gets crisp and golden colour. Flip over and toast from other side too. After shallow frying for about 3-4 minutes add 2-3 drops of oil on other side of bread and flip over. Wow… It has got nice crisp. Fry form another side until it gets nice colour. I have fried from other side as well. You can see. It has got nice golden colour. Let’s take these out into a plate. These are looking yumm.. Wow.. Rava toast or sooji toast are already. These are just awesome. Kids especially love these. You can serve thses as quick snack after school. You can add veggies according to your taste like gawar, spinach, cabbage. It will be healthy. You have to like and comment this video. Don’t leave until you subsctibe. You will find detail ingredient list for this at the end of this video. Thank you very much for watching this recipe. Let’s meet again with such nice recipe. Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.