Welcome to Homemaker360 In today’s video we will be seeing how to make a perfect soil pot mix for rose plants You will get more buds and flowers when using this pot mix I have bought 3 rose plants from nursery This is desi rose variety which we use in garland and its smells awesome This is light pink color rose variety each plant cost 1 $ (70rs) I have already posted a video on how to select a rose plant from nursery please check that video on my rose plant care playlist Medium size pot like this is enough for growing rose plants 80 percent red soil mixed with sand and cow dung 20 percent vermi compost i bought this vermi compost from TNAU and its very high quality as you can see small small earthworms every where Vermi compost is very rich in nitrogen and promotes plant growth a good quality vermi compost should have small small earthworms as shown and it should be moist we will need 10 to 15 egg shells we need 10 to 15 banana peel of any variety Dry the banana peel as shown Banana peels will be decomposed by microorganism in the vermi compost and it will release essential nutrients for the plant in regular interval Crush the egg shell you can also grind them in mixer Egg shells helps in plant growth and flowering You can also add coffee ground powder or tea dust in pot mix In nursery they told we can use expired tablets on the soil it will also helps the plant growth i have also posted a video on how to make banana peel fertilizer for rose plants Mix well I have used this rose pot mix before and i got more flowers that why i am sharing this pot mix Cover the bottom hole with stone and fill half with pot mix remove the soil slightly around the plant without affecting the roots This technique will helps the roots to grow faster Place the plant in the center and cover it with pot mix Rose plants are heavy feeder so give proper fertilizer in regular interval Always keep the plants in direct sun light it require 6 to 8 hours of sun light You can add vermi compost mixed with dried banana peel for already planted rose plants as well Please subscribe for more interesting videos Thanks for Watching