Is there something cold to drink like Sprite.. Movie Friend Kim Siseon [Solitude]
Here is a man gushing out solitude with his back on the wall hanging backwards. Perhaps a superhero living next door? This story goes back for a far history. 15 years ago, a National Intelligence Service Deokgyu was gathering some special kids. They had some guts an elementary student smashed 3 middle school students who were this big. You know this… is a national secret? After a long search, he meets Jun, who has some good fighting skills in a warehouse. I heard you are really good at fighting? Come up to the roof top. A kid who likes drawing more than fighting. But [Break] What on earth are you talking about? A man should have a big dream not some crap like that. Deokgyu secretly suggests Jun after breaking his pencil. Don’t you want to bring honor to the country just like your dad did? After some time ‘Jun’ has become a legendary assassination agent of the National Intelligence service’s secret project “Bang Pae Kite”. [Smack]
Always finishes the task no matter what! He is the best agent but he still draws. He cannot give up his dream. He has been continuing his risky hobby. At that moment We need him to spill it out even if we have to kill him. So many innocent people died because of him. The National Intelligence Service gets into a mission to catch an important person. A dark rainy night. ‘Jun’ is carrying out a dangerous task. He died during the mission, but that was just a trick to quit the NIS. Jun from a legendary agent to a web-toon writer wannabe thought to live a fancy life [3] [2] [1] [Whack] [Lost his words] Hey you fool [Legendary…?] [Ouch]
He was a legendary agent but his wife is stronger. He is now living as a free-timer husband and a dad who is always stressed by the deadlines. [I have to buy groceries with this much?] [Determined] I cannot with this much. Good luck. The daughter even cleverly thinks It might be faster for me to go out and win ‘Show Me the Money’. that it would be faster for her to earn money. [No ratings] [No views] [Not meeting the deadlines] Do you know that you came this far because I was covering up for you? I know it very well. His dream was big but the reality was a failed Webtoon writer. He spends a day in an agony of creation. But the really scary part is the malicious comments from the readers who have rotten eyes due to reading the boring webtoon. [LOL I’m buying the eyes of those who haven’t read this webtoon.]
[I want to take my eyes out by reading this]
[A real failure. This writer must have a trashy life. Stop shitting on this.] He gets bullied at the construction site and fails webtoon as well. Angry Jun starts writing like crazy. [Angry] What are they thinking of me What do you know. I’m a scary person you know. [Fxxx!!!] He starts drawing one by one as if he is possessed about a secret agent story about his own life story. It’s been a while but as he was a legendary agent his skills aren’t gone yet. [Shook] [Shooshook] [Shook] Whooing] [Punch punch] [Shook Shook] After a huge fuss, he wakes up but his wife is a bit weird. [I am so scared, why are you acting weird…]
She cooks good food and has a warm attitude. It turns out that last night, she has sent the funny webtoon that Jun drew while under the influence of alcohol to his company on behalf of Jun. My husband is finally going to succeed. [Oh no!!!!] This is such a serious matter than expected. In his webtoon, Jun has reflected confidential information of ‘Bang Pae Kite’, a secret organization within the NIS. If the National Intelligence Service figures this out, and especially if Deokgyu, the famous evil instructor of ‘Bang Pae Kite’ finds this out, Jun and his family could be in danger. Jun is afraid of the consequences of this situation This is no joke.. Hey, this is no joke. [Crying] This is no joke… His wife, and the supervisor of his company say there are no reason to delete the webtoon that got him in the first place for the first time, and they all ignore Jun’s warning. But thinking of the difficulties that his family must have faced due to him, he picks up the pencil again and continues to draw his story. ‘Jun’ wants to be successful and become a reliable head of the household A hot assassination agent Jun’s story becomes far more successful than expected The devil instructor Deokgyu finds this story out by chance at a PC cafe Seon Deokgyu? His name is the same as the devil instructor’s. How do you guys know that? That’s the first class national secret. His not even worth a fist. ‘Jun’ goes to work at the construction site today as usual The NIS agents immediately finds him and runs after him Catch him! Jun gets locked up at a toilet in the construction site and is unable to run away Mr. Kim Bong Jun? [Pretending not to know anything] Yes? Jun pretends to not be him Assassination agent ‘Jun’ He gets into a fight with the NIS agents in an instant. The manager at the site who has been spitting water and hitting Jun in the back of the head has secretly been watching the situation in the bathroom This makes me feel so good. That’s why you shouldn’t disregard others. Jun, who has got out from the bathroom in a haste, even forgets that the situation he was afraid of has happened and calls his wife The webtoon that I drew [Oh Sh*t… Why did I post that.] [The whole story is all about me…] [(Shocked)X4]
Ah! You drank in the daylight again, right? [You bastard.. Really.. You are.. disgusting]
[You bastard.. Really.. You are.. disgusting] Stop saying gibberish. [I mean, is it believable that] [your husband is a legendary hitman?] [I am the hitman Jun?] [Honey?]
At that moment. the NIS agents put in more personnel to catch Jun who leaked confidential information and the villain who aimed for Jun for a long time kidnapped his wife! Don’t be too late. Your wife will die. Can an unemployed breadwinner Jun who just wants to live happily while drawing overcome this dangerous situation and also make his comic a success? The movie I introduced today is? It’s comical action. A comical action movie, that started from a fresh idea that a legendary hitman becomes a comic artist. If I were to summarize this movie into three words, it would be comedy, comedy, and comedy Through the behind the scenes video of Hitman, let’s find out what kind of a ‘comedy’ they made. and the three observation points [First, how much were improvised?!] When you think of a comedy, you would think of the improvisation in the scene. The improvised lines at the scene were great. Just shoot once first! [★Kwon Sang-woo/Jung Joon‑ho/Lee Yi‑kyung actors’ wonderful comic acting]
In the scene, there were many improvised lines that the actors would laugh endlessly. We will make the audience laugh. They show unique humor at moments you would not have guessed and it must be because of the endless improvisations at the scene. Second, comedy as a base and action as a bonus! I think there were many action scenes [The worst work in this generation. The artist for this must live an extreme life. Stop pooping sh*t./
It would be better even when I draw with my feet. Like if you agree/
This is trash/
Wow apologize to trash. At least trash can be recycled./
Is this still getting published???]
As much as the ‘comedy’ scenes they showed earlier I think watching the splendid action scenes is one of the interesting scenes to focus on. Especially, he swung a colored pencil splendidly as if it was a knife and it looked too cool to just laugh it away. Kwon Sang-woo is good at such those action scenes. Third, the collaboration of movie, comic, and animation. I think the most important point to focus on in this movie is the animations inserted in middle of the movie. To make it look more dynamic and not boring I could not introduce the scenes enough today but watching the making film, I thought the combination of animation inside the movie looked very refreshing! I don’t think there were movies that had this much footage of animation and the part where the reality intersected was very fun. I think it would be good to focus on the part where the reality that Jun exists in and the past Jun that existed described in the animation intersects. Now through these three interesting points we took a look at a comical action film, Hitman. How is it? Are you ready to laugh? I also want to go to a theater and laugh when it is released. I am worried because I cannot laugh. Then I will see you in the theaters! [Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!] [I’m sorry~]
Hey you bastard! [U] What was that u-turn… Do you want me to kill your wife right now! [Hitman/ In theaters at 2020.01.22] Do you want to keep watching fun and useful videos? Press the subscribe button right below the video you are watching now and press the bell and set it to all. Each of your hearts are great help in maintaining KIMSISEON channel. I will always think and work hard. [Recommended video that one million people watched/Homepage [email protected]/Instagram @kimsiseon]