welcome friends welcome back to Sunday
morning in the old cook book show in last week’s episode we visited the
Museum of Dufferin to speak with their curator and look at old cookbooks and
recipes throughout Canadian history in that time we decided on three recipes
that we’re going to make and so the first one we’re going to make is a hand
written recipe for steamed carrot pudding now I’ve never made this recipe but it is a
recipe that’s very familiar to me because I think if you grew up in the
60s and 70s your grandparents probably would have made this two or three times
throughout the year for different family functions and I know that it’s probably
a recipe Julie’s familiar with as well so recipes really easy it’s a cup
of everything except for the baking soda and that’s just a teaspoon so I’ve
thrown the baking soda in with the flour for no real reason other than that’s
just habit I’m going to put the flour in the bowl a cup of white sugar that goes
in the bowl as well this is a cup of currants and currants are a dried
Corinthian raisin and to that we’re going to add raisins one cup the
currants or Corinthian raisins are quite a bit smaller than the other raisins
that you’re going to get at the grocery store so there’s a currant and that’s a
regular raisin they’re much smaller and they have slightly different flavors
quite nice on its own but inside of something else I don’t know that you
would notice the flavor difference but make sure you get Corinthian raisins or
dried currants they’re not the same as red or black currants completely
different things these are dried grapes definitely dry grapes and next in is
this this is beef suet and so this is ground from the fat that hangs inside
the cow close to the liver and the kidneys it’s not associated with the
meat of the cow and you should be able to get this at pretty much any really
good butcher and even most grocery stores here carry it just ask at the
meat counter they’ve probably got it frozen somewhere
and so I’m just gonna give this a stir to get it started before we move on to
the next thing which is a cup of grated carrots and a cup of grated potato so
let’s start with the potato let’s see let’s do this one okay this is gonna
make a mess I should have put something down first okay and on to the carrots
there’s no liquid in this recipe other than what’s in the potato and the carrot
um there’s no egg in this recipe I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember
what my grandmother did and I cannot for the life of me remember exactly what she
put in hers and I needed to find that recipe so
carrot potato into the mix get it all in there now we’ll just mix that up I’m
gonna say yes it’s mixed at some point I did get in there with my hands and and
mixed it a little bit more the potatoes have given off a lot of liquid into the
mixture and brought it together a little bit so I’ve got a bowl here that I have
buttered inside really greased it a lot and so I’m going to put the pudding in
here although it is quite a dry mix still put it in and the bowl is probably
too big but I wasn’t sure what size to use maybe I’ll use a smaller one this is
probably the right size let me butter this one and then we’ll come right back
and get this done okay back with a bowl it’s buttered I think this is a better
size so we’ll transfer over there we go so this is to me kind of interesting
because this this recipe is handwritten and a lot of hand written recipes I know
even my own handwritten recipes leave a lot out there just shorthand they’re
meant as a reminder of the steps and so they leave a lot of steps out and they
may even leave ingredients out because the person who wrote it just knew what
they were doing and the recipe isn’t for anyone else it was for themselves just
as a reminder so even when you have the recipe it’s not gonna taste like what
the person who wrote the recipe made it’s just not so the next thing we need
to do is put a parchment paper disc on the top of this so I’ve got a piece of
parchment paper you fold it over once and then you fold it over twice and so
now I have a rectangle and so I fold the rectangle into essentially a cone or a
triangle let me just put it down now that I’ve got this cone or triangle I’m
gonna fold it one more time to make an even tighter cone or triangle I’ve got a
video on this I’ll link to the video if you if you want to get a really close ID
picture on what’s happening and then I just kind of hold it over the bowl like
this roughly find the center it doesn’t have to be exactly the center and then
go out there take a pair of scissors and then when you open it up you pretty much
have a disc and the disc will be a little bit larger than the bowl the next
thing I’m going to do crumple it out and then
open it up and pull it up again and this crumpling and if you do it a couple of
times the crumpling and then you it makes it much more pliable and easier to
push into the bowl and so now I push that parchment paper down onto the top
of the pudding and the sides of the parchment paper that we’re a little bit
too large they will come up to the sides of the bowl just a little bit not a
whole lot don’t overthink it you don’t have to get it on there perfect it just
has to sort of be on there because the next thing that goes on is some tin foil
and that goes on the outside and it doesn’t matter one bit which side is
facing up and which side is facing down now this next step is a little bit more
difficult you need some twine and I am in no way going to make this look
effortless I’m gonna make you look like a rockstar
so around just like that and do like a bring that through maybe three or four
times so that when you pull it tight it will cinch and not let off right away
and then tie one more knot now if you’re really good which I’m not you would then
tie this in a bit of a loop like that and make a handle now you’ve got a handle for your pudding
now mine’s a little unbalanced it’s a little bit skewed to one side there’s no
prize for doing it quickly take your time and and just play with it
and if you can’t do it don’t worry about it you don’t have to you could take an
elastic band and put it around the top as long as you sort of hold this on as
tightly as possible it doesn’t have to be super tight so I’ve got a big pot of
water here going it’s on sort of a low boil with the lid off it doesn’t look
like it’s simmering very much but as soon as I put the lid on it will come
back there’s a rack in the bottom but you don’t absolutely have to have a rack
sit your pudding on top and sort of twist the string on top like that just
so it’s easier at the end to be able to grab the handle and pull it out of the
water bath put the lid on and the recipe says to go for an hour and a half or
longer so I’m gonna put it on for probably two hours the sauce is a little
weird because it’s not really a caramel sauce we start out with some butter put
that into a pot along with a little bit of flour and some sugar grate in a
little bit of nutmeg now the proportions given for the sugar and the nutmeg are
to taste and I’m not really sure what that means
so I’m just kind of playing it by ear got that in now I’m supposed to mash
this together mix it all into a paste this is a very classical French method
for thickening a sauce mixing flour into butter to make a paste and then you
typically add that paste to the sauce and it thickens it and it gives it a
really nice glossy feel in this instance though I’m supposed to pour enough
boiling water over top that will allow it to cook so I pour in some water
doesn’t say how much so I’m gonna start with that much give it a stir and then
I’m gonna bring it over to the stove top sort of a medium low heat I’m going to
cook and stir it until it thickens into a nice sauce and this isn’t the kind of
sauce that’s going to get any sort of caramel color or flavor you’re just
looking for it to thicken it’s time for pudding okay here we go
I’m ready it’s like this little mysterious thing that has arrived to
this so um let’s see I feel like there needs to be some kind of formal aha you
know how you this ceremony are the turkey someone pipes in the head yeah I
feel like it needs a song or something i I’m not going to sing though okay
so we’ve just had this golden barley lentil soup which was amazing and I am
super full but I can find space always finding space for pudding so take the
tinfoil ah hmm and um I’m just gonna cheer please Duke
ha Oh puddin look at that it’s all reason
eating goodie okay well let’s give it a go and see uh
I don’t think it’s supposed to be like that it’s a little mushy okay I’m not sold haha okay so this is not
how I remember my grandmother’s this is this no this isn’t how I remember it
either but that being said in our defense we’ve never made this before
I’ve never made this before I’ve had it before because it’s a carrot pudding is
something that my grandmother made yeah and I heard your aunts and your mom
talking about it at Christmas I was just gonna throw that down that they couldn’t
get your grandmother’s recipe to work yeah so the fact that this so there’s a
secret there’s a secret that wasn’t written down because I can’t like do you
think liquid got underneath the tinfoil is that what happened cuz I don’t
remember tinfoil being part of the measure but um
it it might have gotten a little liquid underneath but I tightened it pretty
tight I wrapped it really tight it’s not quite right and there’s so that’s where
the so we’re gonna add some sauce to it yeah so here’s the sauce okay but okay
the flavors are there it’s it tastes wonderful everything is to join try some
sauce everything is cooked like the all the parts are cooked but there’s just
too yeah sure why not what’s the worst thing that happens um it’s not like it’s
not cooked it’s just too too mushy too mushy so it could have been my
wrapping technique was off what okay I didn’t see the recipe what were the
variables and the recipe like was it there a vagueness to it I mean there
often is could we have added too much of the wet ingredients like too much fruit
was the fruit everything was a cup except for the soda which was a teaspoon
there were no there were no directions as to what to do or how to make it
rather than steam it for at least an hour and a half so I think the flavors
there but there’s we’re definitely missing something okay so clearly we
need some guidance if you are in the nor if you made this all the time or you’ve
made this before even just once successfully and you have some advice
for us please cuz it tastes great but it does have an odd but like I mentioned
earlier right it’s not quite right here but like I mentioned earlier the secrets
weren’t written down the secrets are never written down so I need to I need
to look at a whole bunch of other recipes for this and then we’ll come
back in a few weeks with something else so there are two thoughts though one the
sauce didn’t make it any better no no and two could it be that our
perception of what it’s supposed to be could be completely wrong right could be
completely already well and the other thing is the person who wrote this
cookbook could have been a terrible cook we don’t know you know everybody’s got
that person in their family that wants to keep the recipe and thinks that
they’re great and they read everything but they’re not that good and I will not
say out loud who it is in our family because that is not nice no it’s not
it’s not it’s not a nice thought but that is part that that can be part of it
too but it’s true they could have been a flawed recipe right from the beginning
so more research and we’ll do a do-over and I want to thank the Museum of
deferent for helping us with this recipe I mean they were a great resource to get
this going yeah and it could just be us all rhyme
it could be me I will completely own that thanks for stopping by see you guys
soon there’s no hero shot there is no hero shot for that you