xiao zhan snapped his fingers at yibo When they found that the live camera was not aimed at them, they immediately started chatting the bottom camera was another camera, and the live broadcast would not broadcast through this one. Always peeking at each other same xiao zhan’s dance seems to have been taught by yibo yibo hosted the new year’s eve party on hunan TV, where he was watching a large screen AD of xiao zhan fan: he’s watching xiao zhan’s AD this one is very clear xiao zhan performed a song by his favorite singer stefanie sun on dragon TV. The name of the song is Shenqi(amazing) Lyrics: time and space change
Split screen
Round and round
Have the same belief
My love comes back from ancient times with you 我的爱从古代=My love comes back from ancient times 我的爱 从古代 和你回来=My love comes back from ancient times with you Yibo posted a weibo in September 2018, 神 奇..shenqi.. he also deliberately left a space between the words in combination with the lyrics, I personally guess he was showing his love, after all, this is one of xiao zhan’s favorite songs xiao zhan’s studio posted a weibo, this is the edit record, the lower one is the original text The first two lines are li bai’s poems, 长歌吟松风,曲尽星河稀 the meaning is We sing the songs of wind and pine, And stars are set when singings end. but what’s important is not the meaning Look at the line after it 我醉君复乐,陶然共忘机 忘机=wangji, the exact same name if u would love to know the translation is I’m drunk and you’re merry and glad: We both forget the world is sad. still meaning is not important. xiao zhan posted oasis on the second day of their meeting on December 28th. The picture is breakfast for two, and the text is simple and happy Here are some of the same fashions by yibo and xiao zhan pay attention to yibo’s shoes same It’s too famous to mention this one In the days related to xiao zhan, yibo will change the position of the ring on his finger to the middle finger This part is not related to yibo but very interesting. Behind xiao zhan is another very famous pair of cp in China, Ayanga (left) and Zheng Yunlong (right). xiao zhan and ayanga attended the same variety show and got on well with each other. zheng yunlong’s expression was very interesting when xz hugged and talked with ayanga In November 2019, a bjyx fan drew a fan art inspired by a brooch. she posted a weibo said ” my friend gave me a brooch, it’s funny so I draw a picture” This brooch is from a collection Yibo wears a lion brooch in his latest yogurt commercial Despite their restraint at weibo award, the details suggest they still have a close relationship as always (too close to hide) The butterfly The bees xiao zhan peeked at yibo and was spotted by yibo They both smiled (so sweetly) The video shows yibo teasing xiao zhan just now Here xiao zhan casually says to yibo, “I’m gone”, but to the others, he is very polite, even excessively polite.(Again, too familiar to hide) xiao zhan talks to yibo’s agent du hua After yibo left, xiao zhan took a seat next to him and placed the trophy on yibo’s seat he lowers his head and touches the trophy 王一博=wang yibo The Beijing News:what is the bad habit you want to get rid of most in 2020? xz: procrastination. I think I’m still a little bit of a procrastinator Yibo: if you have a problem today, solve it today. Don’t put off, today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow that’s why they are two word, today and tomorrow yibo waits for xiao zhan to go down the steps together, it’s too obvious Take a look at their hands. Many bjyx fans think they touched, or even held, while others are unsure. I can see that yibo does have an open hand movement, which is often a subconscious physical reaction between them, only between couples who often hold hands This is a tidbit. Yibo patted xiao zhan, and xiao zhan just had to pinch yibo back