yibo: he is ill xiaozhan: I’m okay(looking at the camera tensely)(xz: yibo! the cam is on!) yibo is laughing, look at his eyes xiao zhan: wow ( he likes yibo’s look) yibo’s reaction yibo tried to sing the high key part to protect xiao zhan’s throat they are synchronous The rabbit didn’t go over, but yibo nudged it towards xiaozhan so xiao zhan can stroke it dage is like that rabbit xiao zhan picked up the card so yibo wouldn’t have to sit on it yibo wrote zhange(there will be a solo video for this part later) They were in a good mood the day before nanjing concert Yibo hides the necklace to prevent it from hitting xz yibo told xiao zhan to keep the cue card in the back, not in your hand xiao zhan said okay(he actally said o, an emoticon used only for people close to you, and it’s offensive to use it with strangers) yibo said the photo of xiao zhan in college is cute, very cute(keai, ting keai de) The girl was the heroine of a Chinese Odyssey. She was deeply in love with the hero sun wukong (she and the hero were also a couple off-screen then). The way yibo looked at xiao zhan is exactly like how she looked at her love one. yibo may be called xz by his pet name then xiao zhan gave him a warning stare Yibo asks xz to make a gun gesture, xz does it to him, and yibo is happy and shy They have said in tidbits that this gesture is the same as the heart one, meaning i love you yibo wouldn’t let xiao zhan’s wrist go he heard xiao zhan praised him xiao zhan sniggered at yibo for his pompous praise for him xiao zhan couldn’t help smiling sweetly and tried to hide it because yibo wrote his name xiao zhan Yibo said xiao zhan’s left flank is so sensitive that a poke at xiaozhan would make him cry yibo used his favorite love song nanhai/the boy to describe xiao zhan