I can’t speak up. I feel like my heart is going to overflow Even if I bit my lip and endured I can’t do it when I see you Even when I have a hard time Just thinking about you As light You make me light of the way to go I can stay here because you are here Because you chose this moment You make me happy We can overcome anything I spent time alone Because we nurture our love Sadness and joy I think I needed everything If one of them is missing, I’m sure I couldn’t become what I am. I want to believe it, but I’m scared. Build a barrier, reach out your hand … to you who save me. To the best of my ability and they walk with their hands facing each other, If we can, we can help each other. I wish we could help each other. I spent time alone. Because we nurture our love. It overlaps with you. I’m going to mark this moment out of everything. You keep me warm We weave our story with the past and the future. I can stay here because you are here. Because you chose this moment. You make me happy. We can overcome anything. I spent a lot of time here Because we nurture our love.