Hello! I’m Mitchie! hank you for coming to see me. Today I would like to introduce some useful chili sauce Once you make this chili sauce, You can use it for 3 months I think it will be useful for cooking small meals and lunch boxes Please take a look Let’s make it I will make chili sauce 2 and a half teaspoon Chinese stock 100g ketchup 25g sugar 35g vinegar 7g salt 7g soy sauce 2 and a half teaspoon
Doubanjiang (Chili Bean Paste) 5 tsp oyster sauce 1 tablespoon of grated garlic 1 tablespoon grated ginger Finally, add 250 cc of water Mix it in Finished mixing After mixing, put it in an empty plastic bottle Once you put it in, seal it and it ’s done The finished amount is now 5 servings Use up to 3 months in refrigerated storage Yes! That’s how the chili sauce was completed I use this chili sauce to make one dish Then go to cooking! The ingredients to prepare 1 chicken thigh 1/4 to use lettuce 3g green onions cut Leek onion 20g Chili sauce, use 100cc Water-soluble potato starch a little Sesame oil Salt and pepper potato starch First, let’s cut the lettuce Use only 1/4 so leave the rest Cut appropriately After cutting the lettuce, wash it with water Then put a kitchen knife in the chicken to make it easier to pass through the fire Add salt and pepper on both sides And then sprinkle with the starch At that time, please attach firmly to the break This is ready ok When ready, fry in oil for 170 minutes to 180 degrees for about 5 minutes If bubbles come out like this from chopsticks, you can put it in Gently drop After 3 minutes, touch the air once and turn it over Take out Take it out to the vat and drain the oil In the meantime, put the lettuce that was just washed on the plate Cut the chicken into 6 equal parts Check if it ’s raw baked Serve on a plate if you’re OK Next, put the chili sauce in a 100cc pot Light the fire Put the leek When boiling, thicken with water-soluble starch Finally put the sesame oil Pour the chili sauce on the chicken Sprinkle with a versatile green onion and you’re done Yes! Chicken chili sauce is complete I want to eat immediately Let’s eat. delicious! This Chicken chili sauce tastes so good! If you make this chili sauce, This dish can be cooked in 10 minutes I think it will be a busy housewife ally Expiration date is three months, it is convenient to make two This time I want to end here Please subscribe to my channel and hit the like button. See you in the next video See you