\I will be rice!/ ・ Cauliflower(about 400g) ・ First, dismantle the leaves ・ First, dismantle the leaves
・ Removed leaves are perfect for hats Take extra stems and break them down \PAKA!/ Crush to rice size at once
\ I will be rice! / ・ Salty butter 15g ・ Salty butter 15g
・ 1tbsp Soy sauce ・ Salty butter 15g
・ 1tbsp Soy sauce
・ 0.3tsp Japanese stock(hon・dashi) Salmon Salmon cun🐟 Inject all but too large bones Only one tbsp of extract Finally wrap and microwave for 6 minutes(600W) Heaping rice in just 8 minutes!
【Calorie 125kcal Sugar 1.9g Protein 10.2g Fat 8.5g ※its One serving, two servings in total】 I will be rice!