Put the butter biscuits in a zipper bag 🙂 Put the crushed biscuits in a bowl Add melted butter and mix well Put it in the mold and flatten it this shall be your gay Butter is hardened and can be attached to the lower base, making it easier to remove the butter paper under the cake It’s okay if you don’t press too hard put it in the fridge for a while * Mango Puree * Put the mango puree in the blender Add sugar Turn on the heat and cook over medium heat Heat until thickened and stir to stop it from sticking Add lemon juice and heat a little more Sift to remove coarse fiber of mango *Mango Puree Dough * Soak gelatin in cold water. wait for 10 minutes remove excess water from the gelatin Put it in the mango puree and mix it well. Add the soft whipped cream and mix well Take out the mold from the refrigerator, pour the mixture, and let it set in fridge for about 20 minutes. Put these molds of 12 cm, 9 cm and 6 cm in this order. It’s hard to remove the moss ring later, so I recommend everyone to use it. Pour the mixture in the middle and leaving one ring empty fill the next one Flatten it and let it set in the fridge for 2 hours * Cream cheese filling * whip the cream cheese at room temperature If it was taken out of the refrigerator, turn it into the microwave twice for 10 seconds and then loosen it. Add Sugar powder and mix well Add plain yogurt and vanilla extract Add Melted gelatin and mix well stir well Add the soft whipped cream and mix well This part is a bit tricky and difficult but don’t rush remove the rings from the mold The metal mousse ring was difficult to remove. Slowly ~ Be careful ~~ Now put the cream cheese filling in the empty space You can use a icing bag to fill the area I worked with a heart pounding whether it would come out as expected. I knead the dough a little bit, so I put it in the microwave for 5 seconds and pour it thinly so that it is much easier to flatten. Flatten it and harden it in the fridge for about 2 hours (and take a break ~) * Mango trim * Cut it on both sides based on the mango seed. Always be careful when using a knife ~ Please remove the mango peel Too soft mango is not suitable for this mango decoration I’ve trimmed the mangoes so that they look like an oval. Slice it thinly Mangoes are slippery, so be careful 륵 ~~~ Melt the sides slightly with a steam towel and remove the mold. There is a beautiful yellow mango layer on the bottom Decorate freely with sliced ​​mango When you fold it up halfway, it looks like a yellow ribbon There were some people who thought that the mango put on the cheesecake was cheese Add freshness with Apple Mint Just sprinkle sugar powder I want to finish when I make it, but the moment of completion always comes ^^ When it’s finished like this, it’s really pretty ^^ I was really curious about this cake Wow ~~~ It’s different and pretty ^^ Mango cheesecake can’t be delicious! Sweet and fragrant, fresh mango is chewed freshly ~ Did you have fun? Thank you for watching