Prepare the warm, fresh whipped cream. Sieve cocoa powder into the whipped cream. If it does not come out, then tap tap tap~!! Mix well. Add milk, sugar and corn starch into another bowl. Then add in the whipped cream with cocoa powder mixture and mix well Sift the mixture into a pot. Bring it to a boil while stirring over low heat. Add the dark chocolate and keep stirring. If it becomes too thick, turn off the fire and remove the pot from the heat. Sift the mixture into a mold covered with Teflon sheets. The mixture is thick and if you pour too quickly, it may overflow. So pour it slowly. The excess Teflon that protrude upwards can be cut with scissors to the height of the mold so that the plate can be completely closed. Turn the plate upside down and remove it from the mold. The mousse is quite soft, so be careful when removing the Teflon sheet. Mmmm~~ Isn’t this delicious? Gently spinkle cocoa powder. Chalang Chalang~~ No bake, no gelatin chocolate mousse! Be careful when cutting it ~~ It does makes you feel really nervous when cutting into it ^^ Soft and sweet chocolate mousse~ When it enters your mouth, it melts like snow ^^ Thank you very much for watching ^^