Pour sugar into a saucepan and heat it over low heat Stir it with a spatula Make sure not to burn in low heat When it is a little brown, turn off the light and add soda Add the soda and stir quickly and pour it into the heritage paper before there is a lot of bubbles Covered the heritage paper and pressed it with the bottom of the pot Put the Lotus in a zipper bag and crush it finely Put the melted butter in the bowl and mix Put it in a mold and level it I smash it with a spoon Remove the sweets to decorate on top and put the rest in a zipper bag. Please put softened cream cheese at room temperature Add sugar, vanilla extract and lemon juice Add the melted gelatin and mix well Add some whipped cream and mix well Add crunchy sweet potato and mix Pour into the mold and harden in the freezer for about an hour. Melt the surface with a steam towel to remove the mold. This time, I cut it into six pieces before decorating I think it’s not going to be cut and it’s better to cut and decorate Cut off the sweetened me to the desired size I hardened it in the freezer and the sweetness in the cake melted a little If you harden it in the fridge for a long time, it melts inside and flows like a syrup. The sweetness and the taste of the cheesecake increased the flavor Thank you for watching ^^