※ 28cm x 28cm Square pan

Egg 150g / Sugar 85g
Corn Syrup 6g / Cake Flour 60g
Milk 10g / Unsalted Butter 10g

Heavy Cream 350g
Sugar 28g / Kirsch 5g (optional)

Starwberry 8ea / Extra Strawberry (for Decoration) Parchment Paper Cutting
Cut the paper slightly higher than the sides of the pan Put shortening or butter on the pan and fix the paper Making Batter
150g of Egg, Vanilla extract(optional) Corn syrup 6g Sugar 85g Heat the temperature to 37~ 42℃ with stir Turn off the heat and dissolve butter(10g) in milk(10g) over hot water Whipping at high speed for volume Set the whipper at right angles, move slowly at low speeds, and remove air bubbles Cake Flour 60g Put the equal amount of batter into the milk mixture(60℃±) and mix well Then add them into the cake batter and mix well Fill in the corner first Rotates the pan at 90 degrees and flattenes it Hit the pan on the table to remove large bubbles again Bake in the pre-heated (180°C) oven for 10 minutes Cut the strawberry for insert Slice into 4~8 pieces according to size Removes moisture from the cutting surface Heavy cream 350g, Kirsch 5g(optional), Sugar 28g Need to whip it on the ice water to make a hard and dense cream Whip 60~70 percent, then take out 180g for insert Whip the insert cream firmly Cutting Sheets Cut off the edges, and cut four sheets at 6.5cm in width Put all inset cream and spread evenly with L-shaped spatula Mark cutting line Don’t put strawberries in the starting point Band with a mousse band and harden it in refrigerator for 30 minutes Refrigerated for more than 30 minutes Whip the icing cream again Tip 195K