Christmas Icing Cookies [Making cookies]
Gently loosen the butter at room temperature, add sugar powder and salt and mix until white. Add the vanilla extract and mix the eggs two or three times. Add sifted flour and almond flour and mix as you cut with a rubber spatula.
TIP) Mix gingerbread with cinnamon and ginger powder Make a piece of dough, wrap it, and let it rest in the refrigerator for about an hour. Push the paused dough to 3mm thickness. Shape and pan with the cookie cutter you want. Make a hole with a straw Bake in a oven at 170 degrees for 13-15 minutes and cool in a cooling net. [Royal Icing]
Add sugar powder, egg whites and lemon juice to the bowl and mix well with a rubber spatula. When it is soft, turn it with a hand mixer until it turns white. Divide the amount you will use to serve in each bowl. Add the color of the desired color and mix and adjust the concentration by adding warm water little by little. tip) If you want to draw borders or write letters, The dragon that fills the surface stays for about 5 seconds and adjusts the concentration so that the line disappears. Bake and cool the cookies with royal icing to complete. The finished icing cookie should be dried for half a day to retain its shape. After drying, store in desiccant containers or vinyl. Decorate the icing cookies with ribbons on the tree.