I’ll grill the shrimp. I bought two 40cm shrimp. It’s a little creepy. It smells like dried octopus. The other one in the next video… I’ll show you how to cook frozen shrimp deliciously. It’s a way everyone already knows. Gross.haha. I’ll smoke the charcoal. Add the oak. Tear the box and put it Fire. Prick the shrimp with a skewer. It’s a shooting curtain rod. It’s good for barbecue. It’s better than I thought. a curtain rod It fits perfectly parsley, garlic and butter. Cut it. Chop the parsley into small pieces. Mince garlic the same. Completion Mash the butter. Repeat several times to soften. Mix with parsley garlic. Completion. The smell of shrimp grilling is not good. I won’t explain why.(disgusting) It’s getting dark, so I’ll go indoors. I’ll make a cheese bomb shrimp steak. Remove the shrimp head and skin. Remove the entrails. Its entrails are as large as its body size. Cut it and roast it in a pan. Melt the butter. Roast shrimp. Cook quickly because it’s cooked shrimp. Butter shower Melt the butter. Put cheese on top of shrimp. It melts. Put the cheese on top once more. Eating video… I forgot. Thank you for watching. I’ll come to the next video.