Hi guys! welcome back to Ctclockwises again! And you guys meet me again also. And if any of you guys have come to siam, you might have seen this shop before. The name of this shop is Daddy and Muscle Academy. And they sell little things and the artists’ artwork. Like sticker or postcard. And I’ve got the chance from the shop to film here. So before we start our mission today, we’ll take a little tour of this shop. This shop is separated into 2 zones. And the zone that I’m in, have some clothes and little things. Is it something familiar? *We can just hard sell our stuff.* Another announcement I want to make is, I put Butter Everyday on an offline shop in here. So you guys can come and check it out here. When you come in from the front door, just walk straight and it’s on the right counter. This shop is located in Siam Square, soi 2. And it’s open every day, from noon to 3 pm. I will put the shop’s link in the description box below. Now we’re on the other side of the shop. And this is all the little things, There’re also the artists’s artworks, both from Thailand, and I saw some from South Korea. Another recommendation is my sister’s brand. If any of you guys didn’t follow her yet, you can go follow her in her YouTube channel on the screen. So my mission today is… putting on the clothing from the shop on the shop’s mascot called, Wendy. As you can see me trying out the outfits, It’s not that I need to. I just wanted to try it out. It’s a style I’ve never tried in my life. The first one looks like a maid. And the second one is so Icepadie. And so we won’t waste our time. Let’s start! Now we’ve prepared the equipment already. I’ll be drawing on these two pieces of paper. I will hide one of them in the shop. So if you guys found it, you can just take it. And don’t forget to tag me on Instagram if you found it. So I’ll know who’s the lucky one. And another one, I’ll hide it in one of the Butter Everyday boxes. So if anyone came to buy it offline here, they might be the lucky person to get this. We will be using the outfit that I just wore. While drawing, you might feel like this video is a little shaky, I’m sorry about that, because the base is not quite stable. I finished part of the outline, but the shop will open in 20 minutes. So I feel like I might not make it in time. Now, I will use… Butter Everyday color to color. And we’ll finish this, before I will disturb them more than this. And my mind is not quite with me, because there’re people trying to get in ’cause they think that the shop’s open. *The shop’s not open yet.* *It opens at noon.* Wendy, don’t look bad. As you can see that I didn’t get rid of all the pencil lines. It’s because I feel like if I put too much effort on outlining, I will waste too much time on it. I will quickly color. Then, we’ll finish. The method of coloring, If you don’t want the pencil line, to mess up the colors. Is… Make the line clean. After the line is clean. Use the color no.0 to color. *My fanclub came to say hi.* The shop opens, and I didn’t do it in time. So I will insert the picture for the other one instead. And that’s it for today. See you guys later. Bye. And this is how it looks like to stand drawing. Because the shop opened and I couldn’t finish it. No matter how embarrassed I am, I have to complete the mission. And these are the final pictures. And as I said, one will be hidden in the shop. And another in the box. If any of you guys are interested, you can go check it out in the shop. I hope that you’ll enjoy this video. If you guys want to support me, don’t forget to like, subscribe and hit the bell, or share it to your friends. And that’s it for today for real. Bye. Ps. Thank you for the fanclub in the shop, that came and say hi to me. I might be a little shy, and not knowing what to do. And I want to know who you are, So you can comment down below if you’re watching this video. Thank you so much.