Greetings, greetings, greetings my beautiful lovelies. It’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today’s video is sponsored by Trade who bring you roasted-to-order coffee from fifty of the best roasters in the nation. Just be one of the first one hundred people to click the link down below and use the code Emmy to receive 50% off your first order of coffee. Big thanks to trade for sponsoring this video. Now today I’m going to be making donuts but donuts that contain tofu. Tofu donuts. You know, that brick of, well, mass of semi-gelatinous white substance that’s made from soybeans? Yes. Some people cook it in stir fries. Yes. That tofu. I’m gonna be using it to make donuts! Crazy. So I had never heard of this until quite recently. Today’s recipe I’m going to be using one that I found from Tastemade Japan. I saw the video of them squishing the tofu and then it became this beautiful doughnut and I said, yes I’m going to be making that. So, from my understanding, this doughnut is based on one that’s founded from Mr. Donuts which is a huge donut chain that you can find all over Japan. It’s got a very unique, cute shape — it’s formed into a ring made of little donut holes, and it’s supposed to represent the mascot for my understanding — the mascot is a lion and the rings are supposed to be the lion’s mane. So stinking cute! So, I’m making this donut for two reasons. Number one: what does a tofu doughnut taste like? Number two: there’s a really great deep frying technique that I will show you soon that I really want to try. So, let’s get on with making the donuts. But before we make the donuts, let’s fuel up on some coffee. This is one of my favorite things besides consuming the actual coffee; is the ritual of making the coffee. I love pouring the beans; I love sniffing the beans; I love grinding the beans; and all the anticipation built into drinking the coffee. Mmm-hm-hmm! And one of the things I love about Trade is that the recommendations are based on my personal choices — I took a little coffee test, a coffee is recommended for me, and I love that. I usually drink my coffee black, and not all coffees are best consumed that way. I also like the fact that roasters ethically source their coffee beans, and that supply chain ensures that the money gets to the farmers. So be one of the first one hundred people to click the link down below and use the coupon code “Emmy” to receive 50% off your coffee. Big thanks to Trade for sponsoring this video. Now let’s go ahead and make some donuts! So, we’re gonna add this to our sieve…. Press our to hundred grams of silken tofu through our sieve — make sure we scrape all this into the bowl — a hundred and thirty grams of cake flour. Now cake flour is different than all-purpose flour. It has a little less gluten in it and makes your cakes fluffier and lighter. Now we’re gonna add a hundred and thirty grams of sweet rice flour — sometimes it goes by the name mochiko — and that’s what’s gonna give it a little bit of chew. seven grams of baking soda; sixty grams of sugar. This seems a little dry to me. This does not look like the dough they had in the video, so I’m gonna add more… tofu. I’m gonna add another seventy grams of tofu. See what that does. Another thirty grams of tofu, so that’s a total of three hundred grams of tofu. Alrighty, so I’ve got some vegetable oil heating up here in a deep fat fryer. Today I’m using a brand new deep fat fryer because the last time I made donuts which was with my brother, by the way I’ll put the link up above and down below, I learned that cast iron sometimes holds onto flavors and the donuts we made, while they looked beautiful, they tasted a bit like stew. [laughs] So you want to avoid that… I’m going to use a fryer specifically made for deep fat frying. It’s stainless steel, so it shouldn’t absorb any flavors. Alrighty, so while the oil is heating up, I’m gonna go ahead and shape our dough. And now I’m gonna take my dough and form them into balls. I’m gonna make eight of these. So there we have it: a ring of eight balls. Now here’s the part that I’m really curious about: we’re just gonna drop the whole entire donut, paper and all, right into the hot fat. So here we go. Oh…. That was very heavy. It’s supposed to fry right away. [laughs] Ooh, that doesn’t look so good. It sank all the way to the bottom. That does not look so great. Maybe I should increase the temperature slightly? I have it at three hundred and fifty. Well, my donuts look very heavy. [laughing] Oh, here they come. Here they come. It’s supposed to release off the paper. Okay? Okay. It looks like it’s working. I’m gonna drop in another one Hello, gorgeous! They look like bracelets — so stinkin’ cute! [music] So while the donuts are cooling a little bit, we’re gonna make our honey glaze. I’ve got a hundred and thirty grams of powdered sugar here. If you haven’t seen my beekeeping videos, be sure to check out my other channel. And you can see where I get this honey from. One tablespoon of honey; and one tablespoon of milk. Stir that together. I’m gonna thin this out so I can actually dip the donuts. So I’m gonna add another tablespoon of milk [music] Here’s my beautiful Pan de Ring donut! And I got myself a hot cup of coffee… to have it with it. This is Dogwood Coffee Company’s Mixtape Volume Number 35: highly recommend it if you’re into a medium roast coffee with just classic coffee flavors. Medium roast, by the way, I like to drink my coffee black. I find when you have a dark roast it’s just a little bit too bitter for me. This is quite nice. Now let’s just have it with our donut. What I love about this is that you can pull it apart, kind of like donut holes… and just, yup…. Itadakimasu! Mmm… Mm-hm-hm-hmmm! It is quite different than a typical donut. It does have a little bit of crunch on the outside; and, as you can see, plenty of glaze. What I find unique about this: it’s kind of like a combination between a cake and a yeast doughnut in its texture. It’s a little bit caky; yet chewy. If I pull it apart, you can see it has a little bit of a chew to it — But it does have kind of a bread/cake-like quality to it. Mm-hm. Mmm! And in case you were wondering, it doesn’t taste like tofu at all — you would never, ever know that there’s tofu in this donut. Alrighty, so there you have it: tofu donuts. And would I recommend them? Absolutely. They have such a marvelous and unique texture to them. They are a little bit of a chore to make in terms of shaping — it does take more time than you might think to kind of shape them and then, of course, fry them. And I also recommend using a deep fat fryer — I like the fact that you can adjust the temperature, specifically using the thermostat. And, of course, you can clean it, so you don’t have any cross-contamination of flavors. I got mine on sale during the holidays. So that’s a good time to pick one up. Alrighty, I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. Thank you guys so much for joining me! Big thanks to Trade for sponsoring this video. Be one of the first one hundred to click the link down below, and use the code Emmy to receive 50% off your first purchase of coffee. Thank you guys again, and yeah, share this video with your friends; follow me on social media; LIKE; subscribe; and I shall see you in the next video. Toodaloo! Take care! Bye!!! Look I’m like Wilma Flintstone, or was it Betty Rubble? Did they both have rock pearls?