Hello, this is a meal tube I was curious!
Korean radish [Tteokbokki] ! So, I’m going to make it today Radish [Tteokbokki] Challenge! This is enough !! I’ll peel the radish Cut, cut softly Carefully I’ll cut it thinly 4 tablespoons red pepper powder 4 tablespoons soy sauce 4 tablespoons corn syrup 2 tablespoons Red Pepper Paste [gochujang] 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon minced garlic Weak heat Mix the sauce well And boils in low heat [Tteokbokki] Rice Cake (Thick) Fish cakes bought at a traditional market
(4-5 pieces) Cut to your favorite size Boil in boiling water (for 1-2 minutes) When the juice comes from the radish, add the boiled rice cake and fish cake Let’s boil a little more End !! 1 teaspoon sesame seeds I think I need something to drink I’ll drink a lot Yeah yeah yeah yeah !! – It’s weird because there’s no broth.
– The radish is delicious! – It’s spicy !
– I want to eat one more time.