Breakfast Pizza The Aussie Pizza in an Ooni Pro Pizza Oven Glen says to me so you know what would be really good on pizza? It’s an egg and some bacon
I said yeah Glen it’s called breakfast pizza! He’d never had breakfast pizza
before. Except we’re having it for dinner, and so I did a little internet research and I understand that if you have it for dinner it’s called
the Aussie. Either way it’s Glen’s first breakfast pizza. So my first ever
breakfast pizza. We make our own bacon you can check out all our bacon making
videos. And I really wanted to put it on a pizza. First we fire up the Ooni Pro woodfired pizza oven, and
get it real hot. We’re using charcoal today. Back in the kitchen we shaped the dough
and that pizza dough recipe is elsewhere on our Channel. This pizza dough is super easy
to shape. First coat it in flour put it on your bench and then press the
middle with your fingers to form an outer ring and an inner flat spot.
Carefully pick it up and it will pretty much stretch itself to the right shape
and size. Back outside Julie swapped the doors on the Ooni and
we’re just about ready to go. I built this pizza on the peel because
the eggs are super difficult and it makes it hard to get it off of the bench
onto the peel once the eggs are on it. I started off with crushed san marzano
tomatoes, I don’t use sauce, just crushed Tomatoes straight up. Then I hit this
with some hot pepper flakes, our homemade bacon that’s been precooked, and then I
pour on some eggs that I whisk in a bowl. Put on some fresh mozzarella and we took it outside to the Uuni Pro. Once in the Ooni i turned the pizza a
couple of times to make sure that it cooked evenly, and about 90 seconds later we were done! Breakfast for dinner, I like that!
Like every pizza good any time in the day. Yeah pizza is pizza. I did
sprinkle on some chili flakes because my thinking had been something like a
shakshuka. mm-hmm. like a shakshuka on pizza, so I think a little bit more
spiciness would really sort of amp this up. I think you probably could have put
even more on. yeah I think so. Getting this in to the pizza oven was
a little bit difficult, um you know that you kind of yeah over the edge a little
eggs are a little splooshy . We showed you all the
steps in making this but we glossed over actually making the pizza dough and shaping the pizza dough. Those recipe videos are elsewhere on our Channel and we’ll have
a – bacon too – yeah if you’re really ambitious. So
you know if you want to get in depth into how to make this pizza dough and
how to shape this pizza dough there are separate videos that just deal with that.
But that being said this is our pizza dough you’ve got a different way you’ve
got a different style you need to purchase some cuz it’s a last-minute
choice it all works out. You like it? Works for you? I think the Australians
are onto something! I can’t believe You never had this…