Welcome friends! Today we are making a
recipe that has been requested a few times, and for some reason I’ve just
never gotten around to doing it. And that is millionaire bars or millionaire
squares, millionaire shortbread, it goes by a bunch of different names and it is
essentially a layer of shortbread a layer of caramel and then a layer of
chocolate. They sound amazing they are amazing, and there’s a few different ways
to do it. The way I’m doing it today is probably the easiest way that I’ve come
across, and we start off by making the shortbread first. So in here I’ve got
flour and frozen cubed butter, and we just pulse that up. Okay so next in is
the sugar, and I’m just gonna scrape down the sides just to make sure that there’s
no butter caught around the edges of the food processor. Always a good idea to do,
just to make sure that you get everything mixed together. Sugar goes in
and we pulse it again. So this isn’t shortbread that you would make
shortbread cookies with, this really is more of a shortbread crust. It’s going to
be a little bit.. I hesitate to use the word ‘tougher’ but it’s going to stand up
a little bit better after its baked when you put the caramel on, the chocolate on.
Give a much better base than a regular sort of crumbly shortbread cookie would.
So we put this in the bottom of a lined baking pan, we even it out get it into
all of the corners, and then we start to tamp it down. So we want to press this
into a nice even layer on the bottom. Nice and compact and then we put this in
the oven for about a half an hour just to bake it off, and then we let it cool
completely before we move on to the next part of this recipe. Now it’s time to make the caramel layer,
and that consists of condensed milk. Condensed milk is always sweetened.
Condensed milk is always sweetened. Whether it says sweetened or not
condensed milk is always sweetened. Evaporated milk is always unsweetened.
Different products and sometimes recipes just get so confusing because they they
call for one of the other and then they… Anyway that’s just my own pet peeve.
Butter and then the next ingredient is usually golden syrup or golden corn
syrup or corn syrup. I think I’m gonna use maple syrup just because I’ve got a
little bit of maple syrup here. So I’ll measure that out and this is super
dark late harvest maple syrup, much more flavour mmm much more flavour than a
regular maple syrup, or I shouldn’t say regular maple syrup. I mean
the maple syrup that you would buy in the grocery store to put on your
pancakes which is a much lighter colour. This is from later in the season and the
flavour is just so super concentrated. It’s incredible. So in that goes and we
put this on the heat, melt the butter and then bring it to a boil. So it’s really busy here in the kitchen
I’ve got a couple things going all at once. I’m making and I’ve just got it
ready the caramel or caramel for millionaire squares, millionaire bars,
millionaires shortbread, and it’s also time to pull the lid off of the Dutch
oven for the bread i’m baking. So I’m going to pull that off
now as well. If you’re watching millionaires bar recipe, take a look for
the bread recipe, and I’m running out of time
because I’ve got to get the beef stroganoff on the stove before Julie
gets off work. So you see this has changed colour and thickened up smells
fantastic. Now the idea is that you want this to cool down a little bit before
you pour it over the shortbread. You don’t want it to cool and seize and get
hard, but you do want it to cool enough that you’re not pouring molten caramel
on top of the shortbread. So just stir it a little bit and and keep an eye on it. I
think this is ready to go, so pour it in now I’m just gonna set this aside and
let it cool a little bit before I do the chocolate. The next layer is of course
chocolate, and you could use whatever chocolate you want. I’m going to use
today a mix of milk and semi-sweet you could use dark bitter chocolate if you
wanted really it’s up to you. It’s what what flavours you think
are gonna complement this, I stay away from using all milk chocolate with this
particular recipe because I find that it’s just a little bit too sweet. I kind
of like the bitter from the chocolate It cuts through some of that sweetness but
ultimately it’s up to you and if you wanted to put white chocolate on top go
ahead and put white chocolate on top. Now if this was a proper cooking video I
would show you how to set up a double boiler with a bowl, when you put
the chocolate in we gently simmer the water and stir it and melt it. But I’m
over that. I’ve worked with a couple of really well respected chefs over the
years who have said “why you wasting your time on that just microwave your
chocolate to melt it”. And at first I was a little skeptical but now I’m fully a
convert to microwaving chocolate to melt it. And you know if you notice we
don’t have a microwave on this set we don’t have a microwave in this kitchen
I’ve got one in the prep kitchen so I’m going to go in there and microwave this
to heat it. So our microwave takes about a minute and a half. Put it in for 30
seconds give it a stir put it on for 30 more seconds give it a stir put it on
for a final 30 seconds give a stir and it is melted. Now here’s the deal you can
very quickly go from melted to burnt in a microwave. So watch it carefully stir
it often take care. And now the chocolate just goes on top and just using an
offset spatula or the back of a spoon smooth the chocolate on. And so I’m going
to pop this into the fridge just to really firm it up before I try to take
it out of the pan and cut it up so into the fridge 10 or 15 minutes. So far so good let’s see if I can cut this without, making a total mess! J: All right! So here we go, we get to finish
off from our lovely supper this evening… G: I ate so much of that bread! J: fresh bread
is hard to resist sometimes. G: I know I know terribly hard, so I’m gonna take the
corner. J: I’ll start with the crumbs. mm-hmm mm-hmm so it looks like
there’s shortbread some caramel mm-hmm chocolate that’s a lot of really good
flavours. G: They are a lot of really good flavours, they go really well together. The
caramel is just a little bit chewy so it’s not… J: a little salty in there too?
G: Salt would have been a great addition! Yeah!
Even on top on top of the chocolate afterwards. Why wasn’t I thinking of that? J: thank you for translating. G: yeah so at various
points along the way put the salt in the caramel or put it on top that would be
fantastic great idea! J: Thanks glad you always uh that’s how that’s how recipes
change. G: Now I used maple syrup in the caramel. mmm-hmm
Corn syrup you could definitely use corn syrup. You could use brown sugar if you wanted
to use brown sugar, if you don’t like corn syrup. I like corn syrup. J: Make
caramel how you can make caramel. G: I really like
this but you know… just a tiny little piece. J: it’s pretty sweet. G: is all you need. J: Are you sure? G: I know I could probably a dozen tiny pieces! J: You do have a little bit of a sweet
tooth. G: I have a bit of a problem so give this a try.
Check out the bread recipe and the beef stroganoff recipe. Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon.