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by Squarespace welcome friends welcome back to Sunday morning in the old
cookbook show we’re going to do another recipe today out of the metropolitan
cookbook published in 1918 by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and
today we’re going to do something called rich muffins and I don’t know why
they’re called rich muffins I guess we’ll figure it out at the end
when we taste test them because there’s really not a whole lot in them so it
must just be a textural thing we’re gonna start out with creaming the fat
now the ingredient list says fat but later on in the recipe it says
shortening and I do know that in that time period shortening could have meant
vegetable shortening which is less likely but probably meant lard so I am
using lard today and I’m just going to cream this up and soften it before we
add the sugar okay once the lard is softened just slowly cream in the sugar
a little bit at a time and then we just keep mixing until it’s lightly fluffy
okay now we’ll put in one egg and we’ll just continue beating next in is some
milk so some milk and this is 3.25% milk so I
doesn’t say what kind of milk you need to use but 3.25 is generally what we
have in our house so I’m just going to go with it now we just mix this in as
well now I’m gonna mix together the dry
ingredients which is flour baking powder and salt and just give that a bit of a
stir kind of bring it together and so now I’m going to switch to a rubber
spatula or a wooden spoon whatever you have that’s stiff enough to bring
together this batter and it doesn’t say to put it in slowly it just says to put
it in so I’m gonna probably only put in about half mix it in and then put in the
second half and the last of the flour so I think I’ve got this mixed together
right the directions are a little bit different than you would normally get
for a muffin usually with muffins you have to be very
careful not to over beat this one says to beat until very well incorporated so
I think I’ve got it right but it doesn’t tell me how many muffins and of course
it doesn’t tell me a temperature but it does give me a time 25 minutes so we’re
going to we’re just gonna put the batter into the muffin tins and hope we get it
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off your first purchase thanks Squarespace these look fabulously
golden e they are they are rich muffins so the whole time I made these so you
look you’re just gonna take the top are you you were totally gonna take my
muffin top okay I’ll take the bottom you don’t have
to take the bottom I just was gonna eat them separately the whole time I was
making these all I could think of was like a biscuit
though it’s more like a biscuit and the dough when I was putting it into the end
of the pan it was more like a biscuit because it was there’s a lot of baking
powder in them so it was already rising it was a lot like a biscuit hmm mm-hmm
George it’s a not flaky biscuit does that make sense I’m not flaky biscuit
it’s got all the flavors of a biscuit without having that layered flakiness of
a tea biscuit mm-hmm yeah it’s a drop biscuit in a muffin tin mm-hmm and the
whole time I was making it I was thinking this is just a base for a dance
they don’t tell you what to add in but it’s like it’s like it’s not super sweet
it’s a drop scone yeah it’s a drop scone and a muffin
it’s not super sweet right which is I really like but yeah a little Jam on it
would be really nice so if you were expecting a muffin this is not well in
today’s parlance of what a muffin in the modern sense of muffins remember I don’t
know a few months ago I made those muffins from that book from the 70s it
was all about my face yeah not as sweet in any way and so muffins have become a
super-sweet thing but at one point they just think they work they were there
this this is more like a quick bread definitely more like a quick bread but
again you could you could Eve yeah I think there’s all kinds of add-ins that
you could put in in this make it once and then decide that you want it really
don’t want to put add-ins I mean then you just dip this in beef stew or you
dip this in there yeah yeah I mean it’s it’s would you like some of the top too
okay so this is an interesting recipe in that it’s not it doesn’t fit in any sort
of modern mold of what we would expect for a muffin it is more of a quick bread
and suits you then I think this is probably yeah you know I will be having
these tomorrow morning toasted with a little bit of butter in JAMA mm-hmm all right so thanks for coming out let’s
see you again soon glad took a really big bite of them up and you