Welcome Friends. It is Sunday morning so
we’re going to do another in our old cookbook series and again today we’re
going to do the five roses flour and this copy was published in 1932
now we’ve already done a recipe from this page the peanut butter bread and a
lot of people said I like the orange honey bread right below it can you make
that? so let’s do it first off it says the rind of two oranges now doesn’t say
what kind of oranges or how big the oranges should be I know that when I was
a kid oranges only showed up just around Christmas time and it was probably the
same in the 1930s if you got oranges at all and they were probably navel oranges
from Florida where we lived and if you lived in Western Canada they would have
been oranges from California so I couldn’t get navel oranges today I’ve
got these I really like these Mineola tangelos they’re across between a
tangerine and a grapefruit so technically not an orange at all but I
really like the flavor and they’re easier to peel than an orange so I’m
gonna take the peel off and now a lot of people will be worried about the pith I
would say don’t be worried about the pith in this instance because we’re
going to cook this for a very long time we’re essentially going to make a
marmalade out of the orange peel so peel these up and you’re supposed to put them
into a food chopper but of course this is 2019 not 1938 and I don’t have the
food chopper that they would have had back in the day so I’m going to use this
food processor and we’re going to grind up these peels now it’s said to use a
coarse cutter on the food grinder and I think I’ve got it too kind of a point
that is coarse so into a pot and for those of you at home who get so upset
when I make changes of substitutions that’s to changes in substitutions so
far probably in the first minute and a half of the video into this pot I’m
going to put baking soda and then it says to cover with water and cook
for 30 minutes so I’m gonna bring this up to just about a simmer not quite a
boil and we’ll let this go for 30 minutes okay now it says to drain and
discard the water so I’m not really sure why we’re discarding the water it
probably might be good for something but at the same time it might be too bitter
after we’ve taken the bitterness out of the peel so Peter goes back into the pot
pot comes back over to the heat we put in a quarter cup of water and then one
cup of honey now this is my cousin Jill’s honey and for some reason it
ended up in the fridge so it’s a little bit hard well get a bit a cup out and
we’re gonna cook this until essentially we’ve candied the peel somewhere between
a marmalade and candied peel and I suppose you could completely skip this
step and just get candied orange peel it’s readily available at any baking
store most grocery stores certainly I know here the bulk barn has it to spare
so same medium low heat melt the honey in and just cook it until it’s a fine
syrup well the orange is cooking we’re going to take about a cup of milk and
we’re going to beat in one egg now I’m going to take a little bit of
the flour and I’m going to put that on top of the pecans coat them with flour
now this this is somewhere between truth and an old wives tale that you always
coat fruit and nuts before you put them into a cake so that they don’t sink
I’ve sat down with several pastry chefs who have shown me that that’s not the
case but I’m gonna do it anyway because
that’s what is expected but if you don’t do it don’t feel bad that you haven’t
done it it’s not strictly necessary so into this bowl I’m going to put flour
baking powder and salt and I’m just going to stir that together to get it
well incorporated the instructions say to sift it together
everything now is pre sifted if you still want to sift because you think it
gives you a lighter more lofty cake go right ahead
I don’t take that extra step and I know that some people yell at me for that but
I just don’t think it’s necessary today okay I think we’re ready to go now I’ve
got some baking soda and I’m going to dissolve that in a little bit of water
just a tiny little bit the directions are – in a few additions mix the milk
and egg into the flour so stir that in slowly making sure it’s fully
incorporated last of the milk now we add in the
orange peel and the orange peel is cooled the kind of lukewarm just above
room temperature so while we’re mixing this in I’m gonna put in the water with
the baking soda at the same time just to make sure we get it mixed in and you
know what I’m gonna put the shortening in at the same time and the last thing
to go in are the nuts now I’m using pecans but you could use pretty much any
nut that you want I imagine it just says nut meats so that leaves you open to
walnuts and anything like that now the shortening I actually used lard
because I know at this time period where we live anyway pure pork lard was more
readily available than vegetable shortening and it would have been
cheaper than vegetable shortening and since pure pork lard is still on every
grocery shelf in Canada I decided to use that instead of vegetable shortening now
it says to put it into bread pans pans plural and I’m not too sure about that I
mean I think probably this is bigger than a bread pan would have been in in
the 1930s so I’m gonna start filling this one up and see what happens one
bread pan it is I’m gonna smooth at the top and it says to leave it in a warm
place for 20 minutes before baking and I imagine that’s for all of the baking
soda and baking powder to activate and give it a bit of loft before it goes
into the oven so let’s check back when it’s all cool and ready to go max snacks snacks yes so this was a this
was a request from our friends it is so it’s from the five roses flower cookbook
okay it is the orange honey bread yes so we we made the peanut butter bread on
the same page and people saw the orange honey bread and said you should do that
so give it a try oh let the peanut butter was really good so the citrus is quite light yeah it’s
it’s just a hint of citrus and it’s not very sweet so it’s one of those quick
breads that isn’t terribly sweet I think it I think the orange you could ramp up
the orange a little bit maybe okay context was a reminder oranges would
have been super expensive and very special at this time so I imagine it was
a way to give everyone some orange well and to use the orange rind mmm because
you would have eaten the orange and the oranges only would have come at that
time just before Christmas mm-hmm so this would have been very special if I
was updating this there are a few things that I would do well you couldn’t grace
the orange for sure I would probably make a little bit sweeter I would definitely make the orange peel
sweeter when I was cooking it mm-hmm understood but I think this is you know
it’s an interesting interesting bread toast that up yeah and some butter
mm-hmm I think I was just expecting something a little bit sweeter along the
lines of a banana bread and I knew that based I knew that going into it when I
looked at the recipe that it wasn’t going to be sweet like that so I was
interested to find out what happens but I would make it a little bit sweeter for
my and I don’t like sweet things but I think I would but overall I think this
is a great quick bread I bet you would also really like it with marmalade on it
yeah yeah that was really Lamar Miller or even a carrot marmalade it would go
really well yeah so thanks for stopping by so you can soon you