– Hey, welcome to Sorted. We’re a bunch of mates in London, looking for exceptional
things in the food world that will help make our and your life that little bit better. Between stitching each other
up and all the innuendos. Now be warned, we have two chefs. But we give them limited airtime. And we make sure all of our ideas start with a suggestion from you. Hey everybody I’m Mike, this is Ben. Welcome to Sorted. – Yeah and today we’re
doing another one of these. – In front of us we have three incredible baked potato recipes. Each one takes a little bit longer than the one previous and
we’re going to eat them and see if it’s worth the
extra effort and time. – Yeah, but before we eat them we’re also going to show you exactly how to make each and every one. – Let’s start with the
20 minute baked potato. – Not only that, but we’re
only making an unbelievable tuna mayo within that same 20 minutes. – Here’s what we’re going to use. – Two baking potatoes, unbaked. – For the mayo we’re using yogurt, mayo, celery, capers, lemon zest and juice, dill, parsley, Ocean Skipjack Tuna in spring water, but
now out of spring water. – Then we’re going to garnish the whole thing with watercress. – Just when you thought,
“That recipe sounds too simple for two
people.” Well we’re making it even easier by using this bad boy. Take those from unbaked to baked. – I will, by putting them in
a microwave for 10 minutes or until they’re soft all the way through. – It’s dependent on what wattage. – Ta-da. – Now that these are
cooked all the way through, and we know that because
they’re nice and squidgy. We’re going to cover them in oil. Then put them into an oven,
which has been preheated to 220 degrees for 10 minutes. – With the potatoes in
the oven for 10 minutes, it gives us the perfect amount of time to make the mayo for our tuna mayo. For this, we’re going to put the mayo and all of the other
ingredients for the mayo into a chopper and blend them up. – Don’t forget to season it. – Now it goes without saying, you could just chop everything
up and mix it together but by putting it in the
chopper everything gets so small that actually all the flavors combine. – Yeah it’s very true, it’s very balanced. It’s also very very fresh and light because of the yogurt and the lemon. – Should we put some tuna in it? – Yes. If you’re happy with the
consistency of your tuna mayo you might have some left like we do. This is amazing on salads and- – With fish fingers, fish
nuggets or fish goujons. (laughter) – Skinned, baked
potatoes my friend. – All the steps to do, cut the potatoes in half
nearly all the way through, fork up a little bit of the
inside with some butter. Add on the topping, bit of
watercress, impress everyone. – Tuna jacket takes me
back to my childhood. But, Mike’s going to come
over here and we’re going to show you how to make
a baked sweet potato. – Is it exactly the same
but you just swap out the white potato for a sweet potato. – No, because this
one has no tuna in it. – It also looks like a hot mess. – You are a-
– You’re a hot mess. (laughter) – Here is all the stuff we’re using. Two sweet potatoes and some vegetable oil. – For our refried beans onion, garlic, jalapeño and pinto beans. – We’re topping it all off with sour cream, feta and fresh oregano. – Like the last recipe, we are using this. With added purée masher. – This is easy as
preheat your oven to 180. Take your sweet potatoes,
cover them in oil. Season with salt and pepper. Whack them in that oven for 45 minutes. – Our refried beans starts with a paste. That paste is made of a
trio of delicious things. Onion, jalapeño, garlic.
Roughly chop them. Get them into the chopper
and blend to a paste. – I’m going to give this a Tsjuz. – Tsjuz Michael. – The paste gets fried off in a dollop of butter for several minutes. Now traditionally, this would be lard. But we’re trying to keep
this one vegetarian. So if you’ve got lard, use it.
If not, butter or even oil. – We’re giving that 10
minutes at medium heat to fry off and then we’re
adding some drained pinto beans and a tiny pinch of
chili powder because our jalapeños are really really spicy. – With the beans in they’re cooked. You literally just want
to warm them through. A little splash of water
stops them from drying out. To get our refried bean consistency, we’re gonna take half of
it out into a small bowl. Splash in a little extra
water, rip in some coriander and mash what’s left in the pan. To do that we can use- – The purée-er, look at that! – Then we combine
all that together again. You get that bean-y, pulse-y texture. Then you can stir through the
whole ones that we left out. – I’m gonna say it
before the comments do, not the most attractive looking food. But if you could smell this now, wow! Scatter over some crumbled queso. Or in our case, we’re using feta. Much easier to get a hold of. – A bit different right?
– Yeah yeah. But come over here because
this is what happens when two chefs get together for two hours. – They put a hat on it.
(laughter) – Ben, how are we going to
make baked potatoes chef-y? – Well it’s comfort food.
So we’re just going to double the stuff, twice
bake it, four cheeses and I’m going to add some
herbs and pancetta. – Lads. – So like the first recipe we’re using two baking potatoes. Then the flavors we’re
going to pile inside is smoked pancetta and
four different cheeses. Goat cheese, pizza mozzarella,
cheddar and Parmesan. Oh, and some rosemary and thyme too. We’ll also be putting to good use, this. – I am baking the potatoes.
From scratch this time. So an hour and a half at 180 degrees. I’m just going to oil
them with salt and pepper. – Flavour number one
for our potatoes, pancetta. Fry the cubes in a dry
pan until it goes crispy on the outside but still
slightly chewy on the inside. While that’s cooking off
more Italian flavours. Fresh thyme and rosemary,
finely chop those. And we’re going to grate our cheese. Cheddar, mozzarella, Parmesan
and it won’t need grating, but we’re also adding
in some goats’ cheese. Now basically you want to
get the cheese fine enough so it melts in the heat
of the potato flesh once we scoop it out. So the coarse grating
disc is going to do that. – That saved a bit of this. (tapping)
Can you hear that? (tapping) That’s the advantage of a 90 minute bake rather than microwave and then bake. – You’re so excited! – I love this, this is my fave. – Adorable. – Slice off the lid, scoop
out the filling into a bowl, and mash with milk,
butter, egg yolk to enrich. The chopped herbs, pancetta and cheese. – You can drain the fat from the pancetta if you want to. – Maybe, but we’re
going to add it all in. It’s good right?
– Yes, that’s so good. – Then you have beautiful crispy shells that can be refilled, and
they will mound slightly. Top it with goat’s cheese
and back in the oven. – Oh my goodness that’s so good. – Crispy lids just next to them. Then back into the oven.
Same temperature, 180. 15-20 minutes until they are
bubbly and golden on top. – Oo la la. – Cheese and a hat. (laughter) – Well let’s eat some stuff,
starting with this one. – Yes. – Is it just me or
is there something really nice about the hot cold
combination of awesome jacket and then a cold topping. – Yep, definitely. – Cheers. – Oh… Jamie. – It’s very very very well done us. – That is good. – That’s no average tuna mayo. The tang from the capers, the
dill, yogurt, the lemon, yum. – I have a problem because
the tuna is so good that it’s almost kind of
taking away from the main event a little bit which is
supposed to be the potato. But they work so well together. – Yes I think that is a key point. – Slightly changed the
definition of baked potato by changing the potato. – This one has me intrigued.
– Still baked. – And it’s still a potato. – (laughs) Yeah. – Dig in. I’d say this one
is not really a looker. But oh boy does it taste good. James… – Are you comparing me to this potato? Cheers. – Ah what? – That’s different isn’t it? – Whoa!
– Oh that takes you places. – Oh my goodness. – The sweet potato changes everything though it’s so different but that topping would work just as well on
a standard baked potato. – But because it’s been
baked all the way through you get this really soft middle and also that crispy seasoned skin. – That’s a winter warmer, isn’t it? – Yes. – There have been two
very good potatoes so far. – Oh dear. – Careful it’ll be
roasting hot in the middle. – Cheers! – You know there’s certain
dishes like a Sunday roast that just hit your comfort spot? – Oh! My left ventricle has gone. – That has hit my comfort spot. – I don’t think you even
need to talk about it because look at that texture. You can’t tell the difference between which bit is cheese which bit is potato. – It’s all cheese. That’s
why there’s four cheeses. – If that pancetta wasn’t
smoked that would be less good. Because that’s a really
great flavour that stays from the beginning to right at
the end of the last mouthful. That really oily smokiness.
That is delicious. – That’s great. – That is a tough decision
to make, isn’t it? – Is it? – Do you not think? – Do you not think so?
Because I think that might be one of the strongest three dishes in one video that we’ve ever had? – Yeah I completely agree. – But I think that’s a game changer. – I do not disagree, but for
me, nostalgia, is tuna mayo jacket and that is a
different level tuna mayo. – I think the tuna mayo
was so good and so simple that I think that’s so adaptable that you could put that
tuna mayo on anything. – How can you say anything
about that? That is just… – Because it takes two hours.
– Unbelievable. Okay, let me put this to
you. You could do that. You could do that microwave
method, and then do that. That crust that you developed that’s like, very crispy and slightly thicker, you probably wouldn’t get. But you would still get a
perfectly cooked potato. – You still get the two textures in that. – You still get a slightly
crispy skin. Yeah. – Well we’re all thinking it,
who cares what James thinks? It’s about what you think. So comment down below
which is your favourite and which one you would like to eat. – Why don’t you not be
in these videos anymore? (laughter) – I love you. – This is episode seven
before Mike made it in and you just offend everyone. – Nothing more comforting
than a baked potato. If you feel comforted,
please like the video. – And we will see you
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(laughter) Banter. It’s not really hot!