4 Instant & Easy Snacks Recipes Bread Tikki in 10 minutes Add crushed bread Add chopped onion Add chopped coriander leaves Add grated ginger Add chopped green chillies Add salt Add red chilli powder Add garam masala Add roasted cumin powder Add chaat masala Add rice flour Add water Mix well Bind it together into a dough Grease a flat vessel Spread the binded mix in the vessel like a cake Pat it to give a proper shape Cut it into small squares Carefully pick each square Keep all the pieces in a plate Add a little oil on a hot tawa Place the squares on the tawa Turn both sides into golden brown Bread tikki is ready to be served Instant Tawa Pakoda (Aloo Pakoda) Add besan/gram flour Add suji Add water and mix well to make the batter of medium consistency Add Salt Add red chilli powder Add garam masala Add ajwain Add asafoetida Add chopped green chillies Add grated ginger Add coriander leaves Mix well Add making soda/ENO Mix well Cut the boiled potato into circular pieces Spread oil on hot tawa Dip the potato pieces into the batter Coat it well from all sides Place it on hot tawa Sprinkle little oil on the sides of the pakoda Press to turn them golden brown Turn it to make the other side golden brown Crispy Tawa Pakoda is ready! Instant Sooji Kachori Take mashed potatoes Add black salt Add red chilli powder Add garam masala Add dry mango powder Add black pepper Add chopped green chilli Add grated Ginger Add chopped coriander leaves Mix well Add 2 cups of water in a deep pan Add ajwain / carom seeds Add a few drops of oil Add salt When water starts boiling, add 1 cup sooji. Mix well After 3-4 minutes, moisture will leave the pan Grease your palm with oil and when sooji mixture is lukewarm, make round balls Flatten the ball between your palms Fill the potato mixture in between Seal it slowly from the edges Add oil in deep pan / kadai When oil is hot, add kachori pieces Fry both the sides on medium flame When it becomes crispy, take it out on paper napkin to absorb excess oil Sooji Kachori is ready Restaurant Style Green Chutney Add mint leaves in the mixer Add coriander leaves Add garlic cloves Add onions Add green chillies Add water and close the lid Turn on the mixer and grind it. Prepare hung curd Place the curd in the bowl Put the grinded mix in the bowl Add roasted cumin powder Add black salt Add salt Add oil Mix it well Restaurant Style Green Chutney is ready!