Hi Bold Bakers! Bread making doesn’t have to be a scary process
or a long process. I’m gonna show you how you can make some amazing
flatbreads using just three ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen,
and you can do it all under an hour. The recipe can be found on BiggerBolderBaking.com
along with all of my other recipes. So first things first, the most important
ingredient in bread is flour. So here I have some all purpose flour, or
plain flour. You can also use whole-wheat flour, chickpea
flour, or a gluten-free substitute and that will work really well. So our next ingredient is baking powder, now
this is gonna help your bread rise and create those lovely little bubbles. Then all you want to do is just give these
a little mix together. So one of the reasons this bread is so fast
and easy is because it doesn’t contain yeast, the baking powder is going to be the raising
agent, so it just makes it really simple. Okay, lovely. So our third and final ingredient is yogurt,
now you can use plain yogurt, now you can use plain yogurt or you can even use Greek
yogurt. The one thing you want to make sure you don’t
do is use a vanilla flavored yogurt because that’s not gonna taste good. Okay, lovely. What did I tell you? Three ingredients, simple, no machine needed,
we’re just gonna now mix it up by hand. So you get to a stage with this dough where
it’s starting to come together but not really, so what we’re gonna do is go in with our
hand and just pull it together until it forms a ball. So now if you have never made bread before
but want to, this is a fantastic kind of gateway to bread making. It’s a really really easy recipe, you do not
need a machine, three ingredients, I mean, it doesn’t get much easier. And the results are pretty amazing. Once you go in with your hand it will just
take around a minute to bring it together. Okay, lovely. Now if you haven’t seen me do this before,
this is a sign of a good dough. A ball, and a clean bowl. This is what we’re going for. It’s gonna be a lovely bread. So now just gently flour your surface, and
turn out your dough. So this piece of dough makes 6 flatbreads
so all you want to do is just cut it in 6 even sized pieces. So then with your little pieces of dough,
just roll them into a little ball. This’ll make it much easier for us to roll
them into a circle. So here is my dough, now I can already tell
this is gonna be really lovely to work with because it’s soft, it’s just gonna be
absolutely fantastic. So onto a floured surface, I’m gonna put it
down and I have a rolling pin here, and you can roll these straightaway, it’s not like
a yeasted dough where you have to wait, let it rest, wait for it to proof, anything like
that. This is so fast like I said, you can do it
under an hour. So just roll these out. Try to get a round circle, it’s not always
easy. But you know what, if it’s not round, at
the end of the day it’s still amazing homemade bread, so no one is gonna be complaining. Just roll it out to around 8” by 8”, it
will roll out nice and thick. And if you need a little bit of extra flour
sprinkled on there, go right ahead. Wow, I’m actually surprised that this came
out kinda round. Great, our first flatbread. So here I have my secret ingredient, garlic
butter. All this is is a little bit of crushed up
garlic, and some melted butter and it absolutely smells amazing. So what I’m going to do is just brush this
quite generously on the side that is facing you, of the dough. So just one side, all around. This is going to give your bread really great
flavor and if you’re having it with curries or something like that, forget about it. Gorgeous. So over here on the stove I have a frying
pan. A nice big one. Now this is nonstick, so it’s gonna make
it really easy to cook your bread. Now I’m gonna turn this on to a medium heat,
and just let it come to temperature, not too hot where it’s smoking, not too low, we
just want to get a nice medium heat. So it’s been a few minutes I can tell that
my pan is nice and warm, just carefully take your bread dough, and then garlic butter side
down, place it onto your frying pan. Now all you want to do is just let this cook
for around 2-3 minutes on each side. I’m gonna go ahead and roll out the rest of
my flatbreads. Okay so give it a little peak, this is lovely
golden brown, so we’re gonna flip it over and give it around 2 minutes on this side. Now one of the real fun things about this,
look at the bread, it bubbles up when you turn it over and it gets really lovely and
airy. This is just awesome bread. I get asked a lot what is my favorite thing
to make and hands down it’s bread. Because you take a few simple ingredients
and you can create hundreds if not thousands of different types of bread. This is just an example. If you go on my website you’ll see that I
have lots of breads that are no-knead, that have a little bit of yeast, that have no yeast. Loads of different options for you to try. So for this recipe I put the nutritional value
and calorie count on my website for those of you who are interested in it. Okay so it’s been a few minutes, I can see
underneath it’s lovely and brown now, so I’m going to lay it into my basket, and then
I’m gonna sprinkle over some fresh parsley. And then just continue cooking off the rest
of your flatbreads. Oh my gosh, they smell amazing! So if you’re in the middle of making dinner
like a curry and you realize you want some bread, whip these up and you’ll have them
ready in no time at all. So my favorite part of bread is ripping it
open. And just look at that. Do you see the bubbles that we created? It’s really thin almost like a buttery kind
of a dough. This bread is kind of similar to a tortilla
or even like a lavash. It is great to have with curries, stews, or
even as a wrap. Oh my gosh. It’s crispy and soft at the same time. Without a doubt this is an incredible recipe. Three ingredients, no oven needed, all in
under an hour, kinda hard to believe. This bread is the definition of a no-fuss
recipe that anyone can make. If you make it, rate it on my website, because
I would love to know what you think. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you back here really soon for more Bigger Bolder Baking.