– [Voiceover] We all know
added sugar isn’t healthy, but is avoiding it worth it? We wanted to find out, so we asked three sugar addicts to change their diets for a month to see what happens
when you give up sugar. (“Allure Amour”) – For breakfast I usually
have like a Starburst. I’m interested in this challenge because as I started working in office jobs I went from 125 to 165, so. – Should I not be drinking this thing? I feel bad for everyone in my life because it does feel like
my mood a lot of the time is directly tied to my diet. – I’ll get stressed out. I get headaches if I don’t eat sugar. I’m 27, I think it’s time to start eating like an adult and not like a 16 year old. (“Allure Amour”) – It’s just been an emotional
roller coaster of a week. I (bleep) up and ordered an old fashion. What do I drink to get caffeine? Soda. – [Voiceover] You could drink coffee. – I don’t want to drink black coffee. Black coffee straight is shitty. – Super Bowl sucks ’cause
I just got to sit there and eat like corn chips
that tasted really crappy. And then today, work was free cupcake day. This sucks. – Went to Disneyland yesterday. Everyone was eating tasty treats. I couldn’t have any of these tasty treats, so I had a pickle. – I feel like that weirdo ’cause I’m in the grocery store like looking at the back of everything to see what’s in it. And I never wanted to be that guy, and now I’m that guy. – Any positive changes? I don’t know, not really. – Ugh, I hope it’s worth it. (“Allure Amour”) – So, last week was really bad, but this week I’m kind of used to it. And actually slipped up, and grabbed a can of Coke and drank it. Last night I drank soda
to try to stay up late ’cause I was doing work. And I feel like junk this morning. – I have thinned down a bit. I’ve lost a few pounds. – I feel like I’m more positive. I feel like my energy
levels are more level. And I don’t have these lows. – This is actually not that bad. I feel like, I don’t know, I feel like I could do this. I feel like I can actually
stop eating so much sugar. (“Allure Amour”) – I lost five pounds. That’s crazy. Five pounds of fat according to the body comp test. So yeah, I feel pretty good about the direct result. – I actually can confidently say I don’t miss sugar that much. Crazy, mind blowing, life changing? Yes, all of the above. – Planning my meals, I’m using all fresh ingredients. The cool thing about this diet is it’s making me cook again, which I haven’t done in an
embarrassingly long time. Kind of like looking at what
you’re putting in your body, looking at the back of the ingredients, or just being conscious of it was huge. – In the third week I was like wow, I’m like happy. I’m really happy right now, and I feel calm and not stressed out. – I drink more water now. I am glad I did it. It’s all for the better. Yeah, I don’t want that diabetes. My dad’s got it. I don’t wanna get that. Ew. – At the beginning I was like I can’t wait ’til the month is over so that I can go back
and eat all the sugar that I’m missing. And now I don’t even
think I’m gonna do that. I think I’m gonna stick with it for a little bit longer. (laughs) Who am I? Who am I? (laughs) Am I an adult now? (laughs) – [Voiceover] It’s so good. (“Allure Amour”)