Hi everyone! For a long time there was no dishes on hartstone, right? And if you are going to have a cheese party, then you here! Because we will prepare unrealistic cheese rolls by the official cookbook, which says this about this dish: Talk about a recipe that’s a winner! I mean, what could compete? It’s basically grilled cheese, but instead of a sandwich, you get a dip cheesy roll that’s just perfect with hot soup. It’s an ideal snack for a group to share during a friendly tournament. And for cooking just need: White or grain bread Cheddar cheese And butter. First, cut off the crusts from the pieces of bread, and then roll out each piece until they are relatively flat. Put a slice of cheese on the bread roll it up as tightly as you can. At the end press the roll with your hand to fasten it. In a frying pan, melt the butter and when it starts to sizzle a little, put the rolls and fry on each side until the cheese inside melts and rolls on top will not get a beautiful brown crust. But there seems to be something missing… Right, we need sauce, of course cheese sauce! And for this we need: Cheddar, I chose red for the beautiful color of the sauce Processed cheese Cream Little salt and chili To prepare the sauce, in a saucepan heat the cream. At this time, grate the processed cheese. It is better to dissolve. By this time the cream should be hot. Add the grated processed cheese to the saucepan and mix well until it melts. For convenience, cut the cheddar, if you have it in a piece, also grate Add to the cream and cheese mixture, and stir. At the end, add salt pepper and finally mix everything. Just look how beautiful the color of the sauce has acquired through the use of red cheddar cheese. With this snack you can definitely throw a cheese party. It turns out some kind of cheese sandwiches compact shape, which in combination with cheese sauce is just great. The book says that the dish should be served hot, but in my opinion, chilled maybe even tastier. However, getting the ingredients is not a problem. So go to the kitchen! You will definitely not regret the time spent on the preparation of this dish! Cook, eat, play, bye!