Welcome to Bhavna’s Kitchen today I’m
making five no Pig vegan gluten free cookies now when I say no baked cookies
they still have to be close to baked cookie and in order to achieve that
taste and texture of baked cookies I prefer to cook mixture slightly and then
prepare the cookies my first no baked cookie is going to be
odd cookies I’m using here world old fashioned oats and in order to make
healthier cookies I prefer to use almond meal or almond flour instead of any kind
of grain flour and instead of using refined sugar you can use natural
sweetener like honey or maple syrup or you can use any kind of a sweetener that
you are using in your everyday cooking or baking and I prefer to use organic
nut butter and try to buy quality not butter these days they’re like cashews
almonds peanut butter many kind of nut butters available in the market so you
can just go ahead and use your favorite nut butter to prepare no baked oat
cookies here I have half cup of rolled oat old-fashioned half cup of coconut if
you don’t want to use coconut just take one cup of Oh oder cup of maple syrup or
you can use your choice of sweetener half cup of peanut butter you can use
any nut butter and there are some few optional ingredients like vanilla bean
paste chocolate chip berries so you can just add as many
flavors or ingredients to top it up or however you like your cookies to be so
let’s begin making cookies on a medium heat
roast oat and coconut lightly till aromatic oat and coconut will change the
color slightly and you will feel the nuttier aroma at that point take the pan
away from the stove and take out both and open it into the tray into the same
pan take peanut butter and maple syrup and put these two ingredients till
bubbly like this if the pan is hot it will happen quickly so stay by the stove
you don’t want to overcook this two ingredients or else it will get real
solid so just cook till bubbly like this this will help to bind the cookies
better and it also will taste little on crispier side add a quarter teaspoon of
vanilla bean paste so when it is bubbly like this go ahead and add roasted oat
and coconut turn off the stove and mix all ingredients really well this time as
you can see it turns into like cookie dough kind of a mixture really quickly
now you cannot add chocolate chip at this time you have to let this cool
otherwise your chocolate chip is going to melt in there
so I usually wait until it’s just a cool enough so take it off of the stove take
out into the wide plate to pull it faster I’m going to go ahead and add
cranberries and the chocolate chip I can add later on top just to show my kids
that I have made or cookies with chocolate chip and just to encourage
them to eat whole cookies so you can just start making the balls while it is
still warm so that you can form into nice cookies while it’s still warm once
it goes down it may get a little crunch here and may be hard to shape into
cookies so you can just shape however you like like so honestly these cookies
are seriously delicious yummy cookies that you will ever make I don’t think I
need some chocolate chip in these cookies they already look so amazing
look at them and Here I am my yummy looking old cookies and I’m ready to
bite into it I mean I out in more taste amazing but
believe me or not I have eaten baked or through Jesus walk and this is so much
better than bench or cookies because they’re the dry fruits that I use in it
doesn’t get chewy like when I do bake cookies and tastes amazing this is
almost fire recipients on you next I am going to make pineapple coconut cookies
put it with dark chocolate it is really melt in your mouth take equal amount of
dried pineapple and coconut into the food processor
take pineapple coconut and a little bit of coconut oil to blend all the
ingredients well all ingredients few times to prepared coarse mixture of
coconut pineapple now shape the mixture of coconut and pineapple into cookies
you can make small or big cookie however you like I’m just going to make small
cookies so just to make the ball first and then press it down
to form into cookie now if there are some cracks don’t worry about it and you
can make the perfect cookie like this all right
look at these cookies now if you want to go a little more further you can dip
them into the chocolate the melted chocolate or you can result some melted
chocolate on it here I have taken some chocolate chips and to that let me try
just a little bit of coconut oil and melt into the microwave and the
chocolate chip will look like they are not melted but as you start stirring you
will see that they have melted and just keep stirring until nice and smooth like
so as you can see nice and smooth and start dipping the pineapple coconut
cookie in there and then remove using the fork like this so I’m going to finish dipping all the
cookies here I have no big pineapple coconut cookies the chocolate is already
getting harder as you can see so here I help pineapple coconut cookies and I am
so ready to bite into this if you are music no nut in your mouth
the inside is closed to lemon cookies because of the tartness of pineapple next up I’m making chocolate chip
cookies who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies
to prepare no baked chocolate chip cookies here I have 1 cup of almond milk
or almond flour known as half cup of peanut butter you can use any of your
favorite nut butter quarter cup of maple syrup or you can use your choice of
sweetener 1 tbsp golden flax meal ground flax seeds chocolate chip as per your
preference you can add more or less however you like and vanilla bean paste
I’m using here on a medium heat into the white pant take maple syrup peanut
butter and cook this two ingredients to bubbly as it starts bubbling add over
teaspoon of vanilla bean paste and you can see that it’s bubbly now at this
point I’m ready to add flax meal and almond milk mix really well and turn
off the stove as you can see that it has mixed really well and it looks like a
cookie dough now by the way you can use this as a edible cookie dough as well
I have already shared the recipe cookie dough truffle as well when it cools down
you can just cope with the melted chocolate and when chocolate gets hard
you will get cookie dough truffles easy and I prefer to add the mini chocolate
chip when I prepare the cookie dough truffles
all right before it gets too thick and the settles down take it off of the
stove using the ice cream scoop take the mixture into the ice cream scoop and
scoop out on the tray so that you will get all the cookies exactly the same
size and form into the shape you have to be a
little quick here you just want to make sure that the
mixture do not settle so just take one at a time and carefully it’s 2-1 so just
make ball and then flatten it out if it has a fax don’t worry about it and foam
into the cookie like this and while it is too warm add chocolate chip on it and
press inside a little bit if the mixture goes down you will have to press really
good even butter will ooze out but just to be sure to press really well like
this and then fold into the cookie like that look at this awesome looking
cookies they exactly look like the chocolate chip cookies I used some of
the mini chocolate chip as well because I made kind of a small mini cookies and
these are the big ones that I used up here these cookies seriously taste
amazing and your kids even won’t notice these are made from almond flour no
butter no refined sugar and no grain flour so totally gluten free vegan
chocolate chip cookies so here I have chocolate chip cookies ready
I think chocolate chip cookies is America’s favorite cookies after all
your ideas or I’m not sure of powder the number of those whether it’s a chocolaty
first or for you first but I am so ready to bite into
chocolate chip cookies the texture is like soft little chewy chocolate chip
cookies if you wanna do crispier texture you can cook the mixture longer but me
personally I like soft chewy cookies as well
now I’m going to show you how to make no baked vegan gluten free vanilla cookies
to prepare vanilla cookies here I have 1 cup of almond milk or almond flour also
known as quarter cup of protein powder vanilla flavored protein powder coconut
oil I am going to use about 2 teaspoon of coconut oil about 1/8 – quarter
teaspoon of vanilla bean paste quarter cup of a give nectar you can use maple
syrup or any other kind of natural sweetener on a medium heat into the wide
pan take about one to two teaspoon of coconut oil liquid sweetener and heat up
till bubbly you can see that it has started bubbling at this time add
vanilla bean paste or you can use vanilla extract next add protein powder
and almond milk now mix really well if the mixture is too dry add one or two
tablespoon of milk you can use any non-dairy milk and keep stirring to see
if you need any more milk but it already looks like the dough consistency so I’m
going to turn off the stove bring down into the tray to pull faster now as it
cools down it may get a little hard soft crispy so I start making the balls and
form into two keys when it’s ready to handle not too hot or you can shape any
how you like and then simply just make design with the four like so or you can
go step ahead to make some fast you shapes for the holidays so what I’m
going to do I’m going to make one single lock like this and
here I have the cookie shaper I’m going to insert the dough in there and make
some shape cookies like so and once it gets dry it’s gonna come into nice
cookies and you can use cranberries or some kind of a jam or something in the
middle I’m simply using cranberries so here I know all the vanilla cookies
ready with different shapes I will just playing around and this is the shape I
like the most and during festive season if you want your kids to eat this
cookies you can try some sugar on top like so and they will be excited and
festivities all ready in no time as it cools down you can lift and just
feels like cookie so here I have vanilla cookies ready and
as I said earlier if you want crispier texture of your cookies you just cook
the syrup longer to achieve that little hard texture of the cookies and I make
miss cranberries it just breaks easily and really me or
not this is not one of my theory my favorite is actually the old cookies
like first wave then second feel me is coconut pineapple and chocolate chip and
then ginger cookies which I’m going to show next but I have to think about
everybody’s flavour it’s kind of okay to me but people who like vanilla flavor
will surely enjoy not ready to make ginger cookies in order to get intense
flavor of ginger I used candied ginger with very less sugar yeah ginger powder
the ground ginger dried ground ginger now this is very spicy so when you add
ground ginger be sure to add little little goes a long
way but it depends I personally like the intense flavor of ginger so I usually
add a little bit more but you can just add as per your preference and smoke
amazing ground ginger so let’s start making ginger trees to prepare ginger
cookies here I have 1 cup of almond milk 1/2 cup of nut butter any of your
favorite nut butter I’m using peanut butter order cup of liquid sweetener I’m
using light okay you can use honey or maple syrup any of your favorite
sweetener vanilla bean paste if desired just quarter teaspoon of vanilla bean
paste optional chopped candied ginger to get that pipe into the ginger cookies
and 1 teaspoon of ground ginger basically dry ginger powder heat up
quite hot and into the pot take liquid sweetener
in my case forgive peanut butter and cook until bubbly as you can see that it
has already started getting bubbly but I cook a little longer so I can get the
little crispier cookies and while it is bubbling
add the ginger powder once you add ginger powder and vanilla bean paste mix
really well and keep this dough on our low to medium heat and almond milk mix
really well and turn off the stove as you can see that it has mixed really
well and it looks like a cookie dough now and the last thing I’m going to add
is chopped ginger candied ginger for that bite in my ginger cookies take out
the mixture into the plate to cool it faster and to stop cooking it further
when the mixture has cooled slightly not completely if it gets completely cool it
makes it a little hard and you won’t be able to shape into cookies so I just
wait until it’s kind of easy to handle ready to handle like not too hot and not
cold and start forming into the cookies if you see some cracks that’s perfectly
fine the baked cookies help cracks in them
anyway so don’t worry about the cracks and then here I have raw sugar mixed
with cinnamon or you can just simply use only sugar just to roll into it to give
that kind of a ginger cookie color and kind of texture as you can see the
ginger cookie is ready so I’m going to prepare rest of the ginger cookies
alright so here I have all the ginger cookies ready the junior engineer or ground ginger all
right so what do you think of all these fire you know baked vegan gluten-free
cookies so now this holiday you can eat lots of cookies without guilt files
delicious-looking cookies oat cookies pineapple coconut cookies chocolate chip
cookies vanilla cookies and ginger cookies I
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