– Hey everyone. I’m Eric Rochow. Today we’re gonna give you five tips for improving your no knead bread. This was like this and then I ate it. It was really good. I’ve been baking bread like
this for a number of years. Our original no knead
bread video is on YouTube and is super popular. Whenever people search, that comes up. It’s one of the first ones. Big thank you to Jim
Lahey and Mark Bittman for telling everyone about this. It’s a long-known process,
but kind of making it all of a sudden known to the world. That all of a sudden you
could bake bread like this, and it looks amazing and tastes amazing. Okay. Five things today I learned for you. Ready? First off, if you would
like to have cool designs on the top of your
bread like you see these and you go to the nice bread store and they have those little
things like the bread is torn up or curved or whatever. You can get this fancy
blade that cuts in there. You could also try a serrated knife, or you can use scissors. Just cut the dough. Do some experiments. To do a star like this,
I just cut four nips in the top and then I bake it. It comes out pretty cool like that. I dust some flour on it. Boom. You’re done. But you could also do
really sharp angles here, and see what happens as well. Alright? Number two, parchment paper. In the original recipe, it calls for lifting your hand
under the risen dough and flopping it into some sort of pot. It’s kind of a dicey
proposition for some people. I sometimes would kind of miss it, but if you use parchment
paper before the rise, you’d knead it, you do a
quick knead of the dough. I know, it says no knead, but you put it into a ball, put it on some parchment paper, and let it rise for two hours. Then lift that parchment paper into your preheated bread container that’s going in the oven, and then this really easily. Done. Number three, digital scale. For the longest time,
I’ve just done the scoop and leveling off of my
measuring cups with flour, and then I finally took the plunge. I already have a digital scale. I was like, “Let’s just see what it’s like “when you do the scale.” The difference is huge. When you can fine-tune your measurements, you get much better dough. When you’re making your no knead bread, does it sometimes, the dough, the batter seem really dry like
something’s not right here? It’s because you’re using
the scoop and drag method, and you’re not having enough hydration. Let me show you. This is a batter that I made
with the regular scooping of your measuring cup method, and this is a bread dough that I measured with my digital scale. Look at how dense the crumb is on this versus the nice airy
holes that this one has. It’s a huge difference and I was like, “Wow!” I made this one on purpose so you know what the difference is because one cup of flour means different things
to different people. It depends how packed your flour is, how much humidity is in the air, stuff like that. Measuring with your scale,
it’s a huge difference. It really was kind of
an eye opener for me. You don’t have to use
a cast iron Dutch oven. This is a ceramic ovenproof
dish that has a top. It works great. Pops right out. It’s not hot Again, it makes the same kind
of really nice no knead bread. It smells great. So ovenproof container. If your container has a
lid with a plastic knob, see if you can unscrew the knob because it’s gonna melt in the oven, but these heavy-duty glass containers work really well. I mean, you basically need
some sort of closed container. The Dutch oven. I love them. I got a bunch of them as you know. A lot of people are asking, “What about a whole wheat
version of no knead bread?” You can put 30% whole wheat and then 70% regular all-purpose flour or bread flour in a dough like this and it comes out fine. This is a 30% whole wheat loaf, so it’s basically one
cup of whole wheat flour, two cups of all-purpose or bread flour. I like the bread flour better. If you want to try a whole wheat one, I’d like to hear about it and see what you figured out. I think the whole wheat
ones get really dense and they end up looking
like this one here. There you go. Five no knead tips. Also, if you like our show, you can hit the subscribe button. It’s here. Also sign up for our email newsletter. There’s links here. If these links don’t work in your machine you’re using, down below in the show notes are links to our email list, our YouTube channels, stuff like that. Alright. Always great to hear from you guys. Make it a great day. See ya.