Hey there! That’s a tasty looking meal you’re having. There’s sometimes no better feeling then
sitting down on your lunch hour and enjoying a cheat meal. But have you ever wondered what it might be
doing to your insides? In particular, your stomach? I’m totally just asking questions here. Nothing personal. It’s just that I think you may be having
too many cheat meals. Did you know that each year, close to 25%
of people are affected by abdominal pain, heartburn and indigestion? This is caused by a bad diet. Let’s talk about 8 Foods That Are Harming
Your Stomach! Should I cut bread? How about processed meat? Do I really have to stop drinking alcohol? We’re talking all that AND more. French fries Professionals will go on all day about how
French fries are loaded with salt and can make your blood pressure skyrocket. But do you realize what this famous fast food
side is doing to the inside of your gut? One small order of McDonald’s fries contains
230 calories. Because French fries are so high in fats and
low in fiber, they take longer to digest, sometimes sitting in your stomach for days. We’re going to pull out a fancy word here. A high-fat diet is known to hurt your gut’s
microbiome. This is the community of microorganisms living
inside your stomach. Some are bacteria and some fungi among others. 2. Pizza Okay, this is going to be a controversial
one. Perhaps the most troublesome of all of our
picks on this list. Afterall, an estimated 3 billion pizzas are
sold in the U.S. each year. Heck, 1.5 million are said to be eaten on
Superbowl Sunday alone! I hate to rain on your parade, but too much
pizza is terrible for your stomach. The average adult is recommended to eat no
more than 13 grams of saturated fat per day. Not only is the average pizza slice an estimated
311 calories, it contains almost half of your daily saturated fat intake. If you eat four slices in one sitting, that’s
around twice your recommended intake. This means there’s a scary amount of saturated
fat resting along the lining of your stomach. Over time, this fat can affect your heart
and clog your arteries. Still craving that greasy slice? 3. Watermelon While watermelon is definitely among the most
delicious summer snacks, your stomach thinks differently. Have you ever heard of fructose? Fructose is a natural sugar that doesn’t
fully absorb into your digestive system. When too much is had, something occurs known
as fructose malabsorption. This can lead to bloating, gas and abdominal
pain. Not to mention possible fatigue and vomiting. So if you’re attending a picnic or summer
barbeque, you may want to keep a tab on how much watermelon you’re munching on. You don’t want to be walking around a bloated
mess. If you want to eat watermelons, just make
sure you’re not swallowing the seeds. Watermelon seeds are known to block your bowels
from working. Happy camping! 4. Beer Put the drink down! Now! I’m kidding, you don’t need to stop drinking
beer that urgently. Just know that the beverage has some pretty
negative effects on your stomach. The average bottle of Corona carries with
it 148 calories, while a Budweiser has as many as 200. These beers can carry a minimum of 13g of
carbohydrates. Once ingested, these formentible carbs will
settle in your stomach, causing it to bloat. If you’ve ever had beer on an empty stomach
before, you feel as if your insides are going to explode. Remember how we mentioned your microbiome? Well beer can also cause significant changes
to that as well. This can lead to damage of your tissues. My advice is that if you’re going to drink
beer, try your best to go for the light stuff. It may taste weak and your friends will make
fun of you, but overtime, you’ll have the healthiest gut at the knitting party. Are you trying to cut booze and other vices
from your life? Check out our video on 9 Tips For Living Happily. Or, if you’re simply just trying to kick
sugary drinks, you may want to look into how Drinking Soda and Fruit Juice Daily Ups Your
Risk of Cancer. Now let’s get back to our list of 8 Foods
That Are Harming Your Stomach. 5. Ice Cream To put it simply, ice cream has lactose. Did you know lactose intolerance effects between
30 and 50 million Americans? While we’ve all heard of this “lactose
intolerance”, many aren’t educated as to what lactose actually is? Lactose is a distinct sugar that is only found
in dairy products, and it can be really harmful to your stomach. Similar to beer, if all your consuming is
ice cream, your stomach may begin to bloat. But that’s not it. Dairy products in general are known to have
significant effects on your gut’s microorganisms. 6. Chips Like French fries, potato chips are another
salty side you can easily lose track of. The average bag of chips contains 274 calories
along with 24 g of carbs and 262 mg of sodium. And that’s just regular potato flavour. Think about all the other garbage you’re
putting into your stomach when eating salt and vinegar or barbeque! While calorie and carb intake is important,
we need to discuss saturated fats. ‘Cause chips… They have a lot. There are almost 19g of fat in a single bag
of potato chips. Let’s say you were to eat the equivalent
of two bags — Let’s face it, that’s easy to do. The saturated fats would be hard to digest,
eventually sitting in your gut and wreaking havoc on your midsection. Overtime, your stomach fat will build up,
resulting in a belly. Enjoy your cheat meal. Hopefully, it will be your last one for a
while. 7. Eggs This popular breakfast choice is one that
may be hard to shake for many of you. It certainly is for me. While eggs straight from the chicken may not
be harmful, farm-raised eggs are a different story. These eggs may not be equipped with the proper
antibiotics known to be found in regular eggs. You may also want to check if you are allergic
to eggs. Sensitivity could lead to abdominal pain and
poor digestion. If you have extreme intolerance toward eggs,
you can also experience nausea and vomiting, but those are in extreme cases. 8. Corn At this point, you’re probably thinking,
“Hey, corn is delicious and healthy for you. How can it possibly cause harm to your stomach?” Well corn is a vegetable, so obviously there
are going to be benefits. The problem is that corn contains cellulose,
an organic compound found in plants that may not digest if it isn’t properly chewed before
swallowing. In the case of improper digestion, corn can
cause the usual pain in your stomach, along with gas and bloating. I don’t mean to sound like that annoying
parent, but you’re not a baby anymore. Chew your corn! Are you experiencing stomach problems? Would consider cutting any of the foods we’ve
just listed? Sound off in the comment section…