Hey, Alain Gonzalez here for WeightGainNetwork.com
and in this video I’m going to share my 800 calorie monster oatmeal recipe. It’s a recipe that you can make on the fly
with very basic ingredients, get high protein, high carbs and still stay within your fat
intake for the day. So if you’re a naturally skinny guy who finds
it hard to eat enough to gain weight and build muscle, then you want to watch this video. All right, so first things first, you need
one cup of oatmeal. Okay, I’m going to cook this in water. So we’ve got our oatmeal. It’s cooked. The first thing we’re going to do is add some
peanut butter. Okay, you want to add the peanut butter while
the oatmeal is nice and hot, so that it melts right in there. The typical tip is wet the spoon first so
that the peanut butter comes right off of the spoon. All right, so we’re going to blend that right
in there and mix it up. Now you can use crunchy or creamy peanut butter. Whatever type of peanut butter you like, use
that. It’s not really a huge deal. We just want to make sure that we get those
calories. All right, once we mix our peanut butter in
there, we’re going to take a scoop of whey protein to increase the protein content of
this meal. Now, when you first pour this in you are going
to – it’s going to feel like you probably put in too much, but if you just give it a
second and you just keep mixing, it will blend right into the oatmeal. And I’ll show you this in a second, but I
just want to give you a heads up because when I first started making this, I thought it
wasn’t going to work once I poured the protein in there, but if you just give it a second,
keep mixing, eventually it will blend right in. Okay, I’m going to show you this now, so you
can see here. All right? The next thing we’re going to do is add our
five ounces of Greek yogurt. Okay, low fat or non-fat preferably, high
carbs and high protein. All right, in your case you may want to weigh
this out to ensure that you are getting the necessary macros – carbs, fats and proteins
– but I’ve been doing this for a while and just for the sake of this video we are not
going to weigh everything. Okay, so throw that in there. Mix it right up. The next thing we’re going to do is add some
trail mix. I like to have the one with peanuts, raisins,
M&Ms, but it’s completely up to you. You could use almonds instead. Whatever kind of nut mix you like, go for
it. In this case we’re going to use trail mix. You probably want to weigh this stuff out,
but I’m just going to eyeball it for the sake of this video. So we’re going to get about one or two servings
of trail mix in there. And then the last and final touch is going
to be our caramel syrup. And guys, I wish you could smell this from
home. It smells absolutely incredible. Now, before I taste this, I just want to show
you that it’s not necessarily the most, I don’t know, appealing thing once you’re looking
at it, but if you can smell it, taste it, it’s absolutely amazing. Mm. Guys, please, try this. You will not regret it. Absolutely delicious. High calories, especially for us naturally
skinny guys who find it hard to eat enough to gain weight. There you have it, guys. I hope you enjoyed it. If you found this helpful, click the like
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