Hey guys, salut it’s Alex! So it’s episode 3 of the Sourdough bread odyssey and today after many many days I’m finally releasing my sourdough bread recipe And I think it’s about time because you guys seems to be more than ready with your sourdough starters I try to be as thorough as possible however there we go there are things you need to experience yourself like example different levels of Stickiness of tackiness I can say the words and I will but you will understand ten times better Maybe a hundred times better by doing it Anyway, don’t be scared and let’s begin first off we need to wake up our Sourdough starter in order to make it more Lively and ready to bake bread if you don’t have one then watch the first episode of this sourdough bread series In a container are two tablespoons of Sourdough starter 100 grams or milliliters of Warm water 100 grams of bread Flour let it sit at room temperature or until it doubles in size I use my oven to rest and to proof doughs and Sourdough the temperature is off, but the light is on so it keeps it slightly warm Which is just perfect there are no drafts You know no shaking no nothing So [it’s] just the perfect Peaceful place for that sourdough is ready when it’s all bubbly and foamy and when it can pass safely the floating test In my case it takes four hours and 45 minutes What will make this recipe practical almost magical is that I use? nominee proportions one part sourdough to pass water three parts flour and that makes for [a] decently soft Hydrated dough, not like an insanely You know super hydrated shaggy mess, so in a large Bowl place 400 grams or milliliters of water 200 grams of Sourdough and 600 grams of bread flour and no Bread flour is not all purpose flour if you want to know more about [ash] [content] [protein] content all those stuff Watch episode number two of the sour bread series Now with your hands or a spatula get rid of any lumps, flour pockets, or puddles of water Let it rest in the bowl covered for 30 minutes up to one hour Don’t skip the resting period it’s crucial to allow flour and water to combine Properly [in] [fact] do not skip any step in this recipe because I already did I removed everything that was unnecessary so just, you know, be square! Add 12 grams of salt and a splash of water super important first it dissolves the salt Straight away and also it gives you that helpful extra boost in smoothness during the next step Get the dough out of the bowl and hard clean and non-Porous surface And I’m kneading the dough using a routine. It’s not complicated so just watch carefully And so let me just reenact this routine just for you to truly and deeply understand it Let’s pretend this is our dough turn grab turn Smash pull roll repeat the process for at least 10 minutes or until the dough feel smooth elastic tacky but not sticky that will give you a proper dough with a strong yet organized mesh of Gluten let it proof for four hours in warm environment While it’s slowly proofing inside Let me remind you that you can subscribe to my Youtube channel because I make new videos every week And if you can’t really expect classic recipe bam bang bang every time you can expect however delicious vibes creativity and inspiration Drop the dough to an unfloured countertop Sprinkle it with flour and flip it handling the dough can be sometimes a bit tricky, so always use quick and Confident moves to start building some tension fold the edges in the center until you get a rough ball Let it rest covered for 30 minutes during which it will flatten slightly into a pancake shape Now Sprinkle it with flour and flip it Keeping in mind the picture of an envelope fold the bottom to almost the top The right to almost left the left to almost right and the top to bottom Finally the bottom to top and roll it up that final shaping is very important because It’s giving strength Which is absolutely necessary to rise properly afterwards With the theme of the joint facing down use your hands or a flat knife and slowly but firmly push the dough in all directions You can definitely feel the surface tension building up Cover a bowl with a kitchen towel and dust it liberally with flour Bread flour works ok but if you mix it with the rice flour 50 50 it works even better Thus the dough ball as well and transfer it upside down in the basket meaning the seam is now facing up Time for the second and last proofing dust with flour cover and [then] cool it in the fridge overnight Proofing it in the fridge overnight is really helpful with the texture But most importantly it allows you to organize your schedule as you like which is super important Especially with the long lasting process like this one get the dough ball out of the fridge two hours before using it You know it’s ready to be baked when it’s slightly wobbly and when you touch it it gently bounces back To bake our bread we need a dutch oven or a big heavy pot with a lid It can store and release a lot of heat in a minimal amount of time which [is] essential to create steam inside the dough and make it puff and because I believe it also keeps all the Generated steam inside the pot. I know it’s hard to [believe] but it is that steam which is responsible for the Outrageous crispiness of the crust at the end Place it in [the] oven at 250 celsius or 480 Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes or until it gets blistering hot Gently flip the dough upside down on a floured plate you can dust some flour off if needed using a brush Now using proper gloves get the [dutch] oven out and place the dough inside as gently as possible without burning yourself Score it all the way through but not too deep with a razor blade at a very Low degree angle it allows the bread to open up properly to meet your job safer You can fix that blade onto a skewer, or onto Chopsticks I mean it depends if [you’re] a fan of Chinese takeaway or lebanese take away Just before putting that lid back on spray the inside with water a few times now whack this set up, in the oven as quickly as possible and Immediately turn the temperature down to 220 celsius or 430 Fahrenheit Do not take the lid off for the next 25 minutes it’s very important to get the oven rise now take the lid off and bake [it] furthermore for another 25 minutes also Even after 10 or 20 times getting that beautiful loaf of bread out of the oven is always always Magical a properly baked bread sounds hollow when you tap it let it cool down completely on a rack before slicing a soft Chewy Airy but intense Cream-colored crumb inside and a dark crispy caramelizing slightly sour crust Outside of course it is the perfect carrier for any tartine or open-faced sandwich But I strongly encourage you to enjoy it first naked. It’s a very sensual experience So guys that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this baking tutorial today. I mean as much as I enjoyed making that beautiful loaf of bread It’s super rewarding on a personal level if you did give it a like thumbs up and share that over your social Media You know Facebook Instagram Twitter Spread it like butter using the correct hashtag which is very appropriate at this time to be truly honest with you guys It hasn’t been always easy in fact. It’s been a roller coaster of mistakes and Whatnot, so if you do experience problems and failures yourself please by all means use the comment section down below and ask your Question you explain your problem to me into the community I will pick the most common and the most Interesting one and try to make like a Q&A episode on this sourdough bread series I will upload a printer-friendly Fully detailed PDf recipe on my patreon page for all of you who are financially supporting me out there Thank you very much But in the meantime go get your sourdough starter feed them right and start baking bye. Bye salut