Hello All,
This is my Kitchen, The ‘K’ Kitchen today in my kitchen I am going to make
for you all – Aachari Parantha. To make aachari parantha we are going
to need your most favorite aachar. For me, my most favorite aachar
has to be Mango Aachar. All we need to do is to chop these pickle
into really fine pieces Make sure it is very finely chopped, We will place this aside We will take some wheat flour, to it we will add very less salt, because the aachar we are
using will already have salt in it We will add our chopped aachar, we have some mustard oil from the aachar, we are going to mix it all Next, we are going to add some water
to it and mix it well into a dough We will cut the dough into small balls Round the balls lightly in between your palms Now, dust some dry flour on both sides press it gently on the board Roll the dough and spread it lightly You can give this any shape of your choice, but I personally prefer a triangular shaped parantha Spread some ghee on the surfaceof the
parantha or even oil, which ever you prefer the most Fold it once, pat it lightly, add a light layer of ghee to it once again,
on this half moon And then just fold it like a triangle, gently press it, just go gentle Pour some ghee on the top and turn it over Pour some ghee again It is turning golden on the surface
and you can smell the flavour of mango aachar And, because it is Mango Aachar flavoured parantha, you need to enjoy it with
hot – simmering tea or cold lassi We will take it out on a plate Our parantha is ready, and now is the time to plate it Alright, our aachari parantha is done!