Tonight I was inspired about the fact that we were here talking to a nice audience and the panelists which I was part of were coming from different backgrounds, from different countries, from different walks of life. Explorers, scientists, research environmentalist, and so this is clearly the idea that we are all in the same boat and everyone has to do their part to try to solve the problem. Organizing this kind of event is important because it goes beyond business, it goes beyond making money. I think that every company nowadays, in this time of our existence, in our planet, we have to try to to pursue goals that are not only linked to making profit. We have to try to make the world a better place and I think that this kind of discussion is literally making the world a better place, because it provides knowledge, it provides information first and experience all together is creating a new new sense of direction and new sense of knowledge. I hope that the audience could take away the idea that sorting the global crisis, whether environmental or economical crisis, whatever it is, it’s not a one single solution. The solutions are more than one and, given the fact that the climate is a complex matter, we can solve the problem by looking at this from different perspectives and every single individuals can bring his own contribution. This is a an important part because I see all the time people, individuals may be aware of the climate crisis but they are discouraged because they lost the courage to make a change, they lost the courage to believe that everyone matters. What I’ve learned from the panelists is that it is so much better having an olistic approach when it comes to every single issues. We can become professional in what we do, but there is nothing better than try to see this single topic from different perspectives and this is something that I will really take on.