Hello I’m Granny
welcome to Granny’s house. Today we’re going into Granny’s kitchen to make
banana bread. It’s a very simple recipe, it doesn’t take long and it’s very cost
effective. So if you’re ready join me now please.
This is a super fast recipe for banana bread, it doesn’t take long, there are six
ingredients and it’s really really nice. So, we need to start with 225 grams of
self-raising flour. We need two eggs, large eggs. We need 175 grams of caster
sugar and two large very very ripe bananas. Then we use a hundred grams of softened
butter and finally two tablespoons of milk. What I normally do is just use a spoon
and mix up a little before whisking it so that the flour and all the other
ingredients bind together a bit better. I use then the whisk to whisk the
ingredients up to creamy consistency. Now using this electric whisk to get a
fairly moist and runny consistency. It’s as well just to mix it up to ensure
that everything is in the mix, and finish it off to whisk just slightly
more. Then we need to transfer the mix into a
bread tin. I use some cake lining for that. Put it in a preheated oven that
should be at a 180 degrees centigrade for a fan oven or 350
degrees Fahrenheit or gas mark 4. That needs to be for about an hour that’s
ready for the oven now. And here’s the finished cake. To make sure it’s done you
need to insert a knife in that and if you pull it out in this it should be
clean if not just pop it back in the oven for a little while probably put
some foil over the top to stop it browning too much and enjoy