Hello Friends, welcome to Nehas Cookhouse today we are going to make Aloo Bread Roll aloo bread roll is one of the most common and loved snacks made in Indian kitchens this simple and super delicious snack is made by deep frying bread filled with spicy potato masala mixture but you can add other ingredients like peas, small paneer pieces or chopped cashews to give it even more variety and taste so, lets go through the ingredients lets start the recipe, first I have boiled 3 medium size potatoes now mash them uniformly to make fine potato mixture small chunks are fine but we don’t want any big chunks of potatoes now potatoes are mashed so lets cook them for this take a pan on medium high heat, then add 1 tbsp oil when oil gets medium hot add ½ tsp cumin seeds when they turn brown, put heat to low and add 1 tbsp finely chopped green chillies 1 tbsp crushed ginger and mix them for a few seconds now add ¼ cup boiled green peas and ½ tsp turmeric powder and cook them on low heat for 1 min so that turmeric and peas rawness goes away just be careful not to cook on high heat otherwise turmeric can burn after around 1 min add boiled and mashed potatoes and spread them a little now add salt according to taste I have used slightly more than 1 tsp salt then add ½ tsp red chilli powder 2 tsp coriander-cumin powder ½ tsp garam masala powder and for tanginess around 2 tsp amchur powder if you don’t have amchur powder you can also use 2 tsp lemon juice and at last add some fresh chopped green coriander now change heat to medium and mix all ingredients well and cook for around 2-3 mins so that all spices blends well with potato mixture after approx. 3 mins switch off the heat and let the potato masala cool down once potatoes are cooked lets go to next step now we will prepare breads for bread roll I am going to use white breads as they give better taste but you can also use brown bread just make sure breads should not have any holes now cut all hard sides of bread slices with knife like this I am cutting two at a time to save time but you can cut one by one similarly, cut all bread slices and keep them aside and lets see next step now we will start filling bread rolls, for this put all things together here I am using cooled potato masala, sliced breads and water to squeeze the bread just make sure to take water in a big bowl so that bread can dip well without breaking now take around 2 tbsp potato mixture and roll them to make a cylindrical shape similarly, shape all potato stuffing one by one once all potato stuffing is ready we will cover them with bread slices so take a bread slice and quickly dip in water for 2-3 sec now place it on your palm and squeeze it with both palms with mild pressure till all water squeezes out just make sure not to dip bread in water for too long as they will become too soggy and break. we just need to soak them just enough so that they are just wet. now take aloo stuffing we made earlier and diagonally place it bread center. just make sure not to overfill them, if you feel mixture is slightly extra then remove it before folding the bread. now close bread like we fold envelope and press gently on all sides to seal them properly. just make sure its sealed well from all sides without any openings otherwise mixture can come out while frying. similarly fill all bread rolls with potato mixture. I find this method better but I will show you another way to make bread roll you can use whichever is easier for you. first step is same, dip bread and squeeze all water with palms then take aloo mixture and put it in the center. now start folding bread as shown in video so that it is completely closed and all potato stuffing is covered. keep pressing gently to give the shape you want but its very important that there should not be any opening left. once all bread rolls are ready, lets fry them. for this heat oil in a wok on medium high heat. check if oil is ready for frying by dropping a small piece of bread if it sizzles it means oil is ready. so now put heat to medium and carefully add bread roll from the corner of wok and let it fry for 30 sec. after 30 sec add second bread roll and similarly add other bread rolls according to the size of your wok. we are adding bread rolls one by one to avoid them sticking to each other as wet bread covering can easily stick to another bread roll now fry them uniformly on medium heat till they are cooked and color changes to golden brown. just be careful if oil temp is too high they will look fried from outside and can remain uncooked from inside. also, keep flipping them in between so that they can cook uniformly now after frying for around 6-7 mins this is the color we wanted so take out bread roll on a paper towel so that all extra oil is soaked by paper similarly, fry all bread rolls now our super yummy bread rolls are ready so serve them hot bread rolls are looking so yummy and appetizing, so lets taste them they taste amazing, the potato masala has right tanginess and spiciness, with crispy bread covering enjoy them with any chutney, sauce and just with a cup of chai do try this super easy recipe and impress your family and kids