Today I am going to show you how to make BREAD ROLL. It is very easy to make and very YUMMY. Lets start with the ingredients needed: I have also added all the ingredients in the description box below. At first, mash the boiled potatoes. Mash is as fine as possible. After mashing for 2-3 minutes, it became like this : The texture should be exactly like this. Now heat the pan. Add 2-3 tsb oil when the pan is heated. When the oil is hot, add chopped onions. Stir and fry the onions. After the onions are little fried, add ginger garlic paste and mix it well together. Now add trumeric powder. Add green peas. Now mix everything well and let it cook for a while. When the peas starts to cook, it starts to burst. So, our peas has also started to burst; now I am adding the mashed potatoes in it. Now mix everything well. After mixing it well, add salt. Red chilli powder Roasted cumin seed powder Coriander powder Lemon juice Now add fresh coriander and mix everything well. We will continiously mix it and let it cook at the same time. Wow ! It looks YUMMY already. After everything is mixed well, we will turn the heat off. The Bread Roll filling is ready. Keep the filling aside and Let it COOL down. For the BREAD ROLL we need:
1. The filling we made before 2. Water 3. Bread 4. and a knife to cut the bread. At first we cut the four edges from the bread. (The brown part) Make sure you don’t cut your finger. You can use these cut parts to make the breadcrumbs. After cutting all the edgs from the bread, it looks like this. After cutting the bread, start to heat the oil. While the oil get heated, we will start to make the bread rolls. Take a slice of bread, dip it in the water and squeeze it to release all the water. After squeezing the water out, put 1 spoon filling in the bread. Now cover it form all the sides. When you find a gap somewhere, just pinch and close it. After closing it from all the sides, start to give it a shape with your one hand palm. You can also make it in a round shape if you wish following the same procedure. We made it in a cylindrical shape. Now repeat the same process. In this process, your bread can tear up. In this case, just pinch the bread and clear the holes. I already made all the Bread rolls. The oil is also heated in the pan. One by one add all the bread rolls and deep fry them. Important: The Oil should not be very very hot. If the oil is very very hot, the bread rolls burn immediatly and won’t be crispy as well. So, the oil should be slightly more hot than the medium hot. In 3-4 minutes, the bread rolls get Golden Brown colour. Now, take it out and place it in a paper towel. In the same way, take all the bread rolls out. In the same way, make all the bread rolls. YUMMY & CRISPY bread rolls are ready. Enjoy them with your favourite dipping sauce.