today I’m going to show you quick and easy
breakfast recipe no stuff Aloo methi paratha potato and fenugreek bread let’s
start making the aloo methi parathas into the pressure cooker pot take 1 cup
of water to steam the potato cover the pressure cooker with the whistle on and
here about 3 whistles on a medium to high heat here I have the fresh
fenugreek leaves methi dried fenugreek leaves can be used if the fresh one not
available chop fenugreek leaves as much fine as you if you do not have
fenugreek leaves on here you can use other greens like spinach even spring
onion it goes really well in this recipe hari pyaz let’s check the potato peel
potato and keep aside into the mixing bowl take 1 cup of wheat flour chapati
Atta quarter cup of Basan chickpea flour 1 TSP of the dhaniya-jeera powder coriander
cumin powder pour a teaspoon haldi turmeric add salt to taste
mix it all using the potato ricer mash the potato or the potato can be shredded
straight into the flour mix next I’m going to add hari mirch green chilli adrak ginger. Hari mirch and adrak can be added
as per your preference 2 tbsp of oil quarter cup of plain yogurt can be added
as well to make parathas softer then I’m going to add chopped fenugreek leaves
also going to add amchoor powder if you don’t have amchoor powder you can use
lemon or lime juice mix it all really well now add water as you go and prepare
the pliable dough not too soft not too hard
easy to roll kind of dough like so cover and let the dough rest for about 15-20
minutes when ready to make paranthas knead the dough one more time and divide
the dough into 6 equal portions or seven depending on the size you want your
parathas to be and keep the ball covered until you are ready to used to do here I
have the dry flour for dusting take little amount of dry flour and
start rolling the paratha not too thin not too thick let me show you the thickness of the
Parata now heat up the pan on a medium to high heat to roast the parathas I
prefer to use my stainless steel pan here when the pan is slightly hot place
the paratha into the pan and start roasting or baking the bharatas after
about 60 seconds check the first side if you see few brown specks flip it over
and let the other side bake when the other side is also brown flip and smear
little amount of oil and keep on baking until it’s nice and golden brown color
like this and the yummy looking paratha is ready to be served with masala chai
or it can be served with raita (Flavored yogurt) or the pickle and this parathas are perfect for
lunch box as well all right so I’m making all the other parathas you
can roll them for the lunchbox like so and serve with pickle or the yoghurt or
both it’s totally up to you they come out really nice and soft with the same dough you can make
puris and fry puris you will get nice and green
puris one of my favorite paratha with masala chai or you can serve with
pickle and yogurt you can just season yogurt however you like I usually add
red chili powder ground cumin a little bit of salt and if desired a little bit
of sugar can be added and here I have the lemon pickle or you can just saw
with mango pickle even chutneys but this parathas can be eaten just as it is as
well they taste amazing my kids love to just spread a little bit of ghee
clarified butter on it and take them in the lunchbox as well so hope you enjoyed
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