Namaste welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today we’re going to learn paratha In one of earlier sessions we learned how to make chapatis when you make the chapati into a layer or stuff them with a filling they’re called Parathas Parathas are very popular in northern part of India. You can make parathas into such a wholesome meal by adding your favorite nutritious filling you can make literally thousands of variety of parathas one important thing to remember when you are making a filling for a paratha is that all the ingredients should either be minced or grated fine mincing makes it easy for a soft filling to be evenly distributed between the thin layers of the dough so that it is easier to roll your paratha if you have green chillies or any ingredient that is not minced it will tear your paratha when you roll let’s make the dough for paratha we can make the dough in couple of ways; the first is the same as chapati, you can look for that recipe in the chapatis video at the second is the same as chapati dough the only difference is that you first add oil to the flour and add water and knead the dough add salt and then add little oil mix it up little bit and add water. This process of adding oil earlier to the dough makes the parathas slightly crispy when it is done don’t add too much oil as excess oil can make it brittle like the samosa dough and it will tear the dough while rolling remember the general rule that it usually takes around 55% of the water like if you have 100 gms of flour it will take 55 ml of water knead the dough well if you knead the dough well when you roll you can make as thin as possible and that helps in our paratha making After you knead the dough, add little more oil on the top, now the dough is ready all you have do is rest the dough like for 15-20 minutes now that the dough is ready, we’ll make the stuffing stuffing can be made in two ways first you can add all the raw ingredients together mix and make a quick filling on the other hand you can cook the ingredients before hand and use that as a stuffing. I prefer the cooked version as it always turns out tastier. Let make aloo paratha, remember always that you need all your ingredients finely grated or finely chopped so let’s see how you want to make it really quick add little salt you know you could use cumin powder you can use little coriander powder, little chilli powder, you can add green chillies chopped finely and coriander leaves, you can add little chaat masala also to your parathas all you have do is make into a nice medium size fistful ball and then use as stuffing in your parathas now we are making a cooked version, in this version we’re not going to add any whole spices even if you want to add cumin, you’ll add cumin powder add some ginger garlic paste add some minced onion add jeera powder, add your little green chillies, little chaat masala, chopped coriander, add salt and if you add little chilli powder you can add and mix it good. I like to cook the ingredients because they bring out a nice flavor and when i eat my paratha i don’t have to taste any raw spices in it. now the spices are cooked, i can smell nice aroma then you add your grated potatoes and mix it real good, you don’t have to cook this potato mixture because potatoes are already cooked. This smells really different from uncooked potato mixture to a cooked mixture The cooked mixture always taste better you mix you cooked potato stuffing add few drops of lemon juice that will add a very nice flavor to your stuffing and when you cook your parathas, your parathas will taste really really good. So let’s make the paratha now All you do is, take the dough, make into a long shape and cut into equal sizes If you want bigger parathas you can cut them bigger, if you want smaller you can cut them little smaller. I always like to cut because you get equal portion equal sizes to add a stuffing into a dough, you spread the dough with your fingers make the edges thin, you could use rolling pin also centre little more thicker than the edges now you put your filling in the center and pull the edges it is necessary to seal the edges. You can do this by gathering the edges together at the center and twisting them together so it seals the stuffing inside leaving an even layer of the dough all around. i love making my parathas with more stuffing sometimes i make my parathas with double the stuffing Now to roll, evenly press on all directions, see this is the easiest way to make your paratha sometimes when you roll your paratha you may see bubbles, these are the air bubbles that are left inside when you seal it just take a fork press it off now you can see that the stuffing is sealed inside very well all you do is, take the rolling pin and evenly make into a one eight inch thickness some people prefer it little thicker If I use more stuffing, i will make my paratha little thicker After that dust off any excess flour A good paratha if you see very carefully you can literally see the stuffing inside at all the edges you can see little coriander sticking out from inside but it has not come out; reason it has not come out is because you made a smooth fine mince stuffing so now you put this on a hot grill so now in case you don’t get even coloring take a cloth or a paper towel and press those areas which don’t have even coloring until it becomes evenly brown in all the areas add a good amount of butter and kind of shallow fry the paratha and enjoy it with a big glass of lassi or pickle and yogurt when you make your paratha at home and eat do not forget to say Vahrehvah remember to post your recipes, videos and cooking tips at so others may benefit from your great cooking Thank you