hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with apple butter that’s right have you ever been eating applesauce and thought to yourself this is good but i wish it was like a thousand times better well my friends that is a very good way to describe apple butter and there’s more good news the technique for making this stuff is very very easy except please don’t confuse easy with fast okay while super super simple this takes many many many many hours but the results are so well worth it as hopefully you’re gonna find out so with that let’s go ahead get started and first up we’re gonna cut up about 5 pounds of apples and my favorite variety for this would be Granny Smith but any classic cooking apple will work and what we’ll do before we start cutting is go ahead and take out the core which if you have one of these cores is pretty easy since all you gotta do is sort of plunge that down through the middle and then once that core is been removed with hopefully all the seeds we will simply cut this into quarters and then you could if you want just our slice in these but I like to give it one more cut and then slice them into about 1 inch pieces all right so that’s one way you can do these but let’s say for the sake of argument you don’t have an apple corer you could also do it this way ok we’ll make one cut straight down next to the core right about where you think the seeds would start and then once that first slice is taken off we’ll set it down on the flat side and then we’ll make another cut straight down again close but not too close to the core and then we’ll simply do that two more times and while you will lose a little more Apple in the first method it is still a pretty fast and effective way to do this and you may remember this technique from such videos as Ben Franklin breakfast Bowl oh and as you may have noticed we did not peel these so that’s gonna save us a bunch of time but that’s not the only reason I also think this comes out tasting better and looking better and feeling better since it’s gonna actually get thicker if we don’t peel them so if you’ve been peeling apples all your life for apple butter I’m sorry but you really did waste all that time but hey now you know and then what we’re gonna do once we have our 5 pounds of apples prepped is go ahead and transfer them into whatever we’re gonna cook this in which could be a roasting pan for the oven or a heavy bottomed stockpot for the stove top or is in my case into a slow cooker which i think is by far the best and easiest method and once those have been transferred in we’ll go ahead and add the rest of the ingredients which will include a little touch of white sugar just a mere cup and a half as well as a half a cup of brown sugar and I know that it looks like a lot but it’s roughly half of what most people use in case that makes you feel any better and then to that we’re also going to need a little bit of salt as well as of course some cinnamon and then we’ll finish up with some freshly grated nutmeg which I took the liberty of freshly grated earlier and then last but not least for our spices we’ll do a little pinch of allspice which apparently tastes like all the spices put together and then in a little plot twist for some acidity we’re going to do some apple cider vinegar okay a lot of people like to use lemon juice in this but personally I think the cider vinegar works out better and then we’ll finish up with a splash of cold fresh water and that’s it well go ahead and take a spoon and give this a mix and once all that’s been stirred together it is now ready to cook and cook and cook for a really really really long time and if we are using a slow cooker what I like to do is start it covered on the highest setting until it starts giving up its liquid and starts getting a little bit soupy which is gonna take a little while I mean it’s called the slow cooker for a reason so even on the higher setting this did take a good while to get to this point and then what we’ll do once this mixture does come up to temperature and start to soften up and get nice and juicy is turn it down to the lower setting and let it cook uncovered for many many many many hours and exactly how many is gonna depend on your slow cooker and other variables but as usual we’re not gonna go by time we are gonna go by appearance but anyway what we want to do is cook this on low for as long as it takes until it looks like this at which point I’m going to grab an immersion blender and blend this smooth which really is quite a simple step if you have one of these stick blenders but if you don’t don’t worry you can just transfer it into a blender and then transfer her back of course being very careful it’s hot all right we never want you burning yourself especially if you’re gonna blame me and we do want to get this pretty smooth but we are gonna pass this through a strainer or later or at least I am you do you want but like I said I do want a puree that’s pretty smooth and that’s it we’re still not even close to being done since once pureed we’re gonna continue cooking this uncovered on low until it reduces even further and gets thicker and darker and even more intensely delicious another than stirring it once in a while there’s really nothing to do except wait and wait and wait some more okay so the only way to screw this up is in patience let it cook let it cook let it cook until it’s at least as thick and dark as this and then what we’ll do once we’ve determined its cook long enough is go ahead and pass that through a fine mesh strainer and while this step is technically optional it’s only gonna take a couple minutes and since you just spent like 10 hours getting up to this point that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but anyway you decide I mean you are after all the john sutter of your apple butter that’s not really a butter raise your hand if you’re disappointed there’s no butter in this I know me too but it’s fine don’t worry we’re gonna put butter on whatever we put this on first but anyway we’ll go ahead and pass that through a strainer at which point we can go ahead and transfer that into whatever we’re gonna store it in and please know you’re not going to be able to see the final appearance until it’s fully cooled okay that color is gonna deepen and it’s gonna thicken up and hopefully once fully cooled it should look something like this which i think is just absolutely gorgeous and at this point it’s ready to serve on so many things right maybe a cheese biscuit or a piece of buttered toast or in my case English muffin but no matter would you serve this on prepare to be blown away by its intense appley flavor or you know those sticky brown juices are sort of bubble out of an apple pie that is this in a spread form all right when you make a batch of this it’s basically like being able to have apple pie anytime you want and by the way if you stopped watching this video because you don’t have a slow cooker you shouldn’t have because in the blog post I’m gonna tell you how you can do this with that one but anyway that’s it how I do apple butter it’s always been a little shocking that apple sauce is so popular in stores but you almost never see this stuff I mean who knows maybe it’s too flavorful and they’re afraid people can’t handle it but anyway thanks to this video it doesn’t matter because now you have the technology to make your own so I really do hope you give this a try soon head over to food wishes comm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy you