hi guys i’m Carina welcome to my kitchen
today is definitely a day of bravery in the kitchen I am attempting two things
that I’ve never tried before number one I’m going to attempt to make
bread with the Tangzhong method I’ve heard a lot about this method it’s also known
as Japanese Hokkaido bread or milk bread it’s actually a method where you create
a roux and you add that to the bread and it’s meant to make the softest most
luxurious bread rolls or bread loaves that you have ever tried so I’m really
looking forward to trying this number two on the new things today is I’ve brought my
assistant into my kitchen I think it’s really important when you are baking
bread that you have a lot of power to be able to knead that bread so you’ve got
the crumb that you really want and I don’t want to ruin anything in this
method that’s meant to make the best bread in the world so I have been able to
loan this KitchenAid mixer from my mom (thanks mom)
today this machine is not going to get the best of me it is a day of bravery in
the kitchen we can do this now before we start making bread in a more traditional
sense we need to make the roux or the Tangzhong starter to make the starter we
simply mix water milk and flour over a low heat until it comes together as a
paste I’m using a recipe on King Arthur Flour I’ve used it in grams because
bread is a science and we really want to get those exact measurements all
the ingredients are listed below ok so I’ve got my saucepan here and I’ve just
set it on over a low heat I’m supposed to mix my ingredients into the saucepan
and stir constantly so that there’s no lumps and so that it doesn’t burn so
I’ll start by adding my milk and the water and my flour I’m gonna
add a little bit of flour at time so I can get those lumps whisked out easily
so I don’t see it starting to thicken just yet it’s been about three minutes
and the instructions say it should take three to five I think I’m just gonna
have to be patient with this one I don’t wanna burn it I have to admit I’m
beginning to loose some patience here it’s been five minutes I’m turning up my
heat just a little bit come on Tangzhong or however you pronounce it nine
minutes actually slowly but surely getting a tiny bit thicker now
something’s happening something was definitely happening now I can see the
bottom of the pan it should have taken three to five minutes I’m now on eleven minutes
we’re not quite there yet but we’re getting there I’m gonna say that this looks pretty
good yeah so it’s thick it’s beginning to look a little bit like glue you know
like kindergarten paste and is leaving lines so I’m gonna turn this off and now
I need to transfer this to a room-temperature bowl and let it cool
down so I might put this in the fridge depending on how quickly it cools before
we go any further I’d love to know what you think about this video a little
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the subscribe button I’d love to have you along for my cooking journey now I
have my ingredients already the Tangzhong was in the refrigerator for maybe
a small 20 minutes I have 298 grams of bread flour this has
more gluten in it than normal bread flour I have no idea what dry milk is so
I’ve actually just combined the measurement for dry milk and whole milk
about a hundred and twenty five ish grams of milk then I’ve got one teaspoon
of salt one tablespoon of instant yeast a large egg and butter and I also have
50 grams of sugar and the Tangzhong right here and now all we have to do is get
the KitchenAid started we can do this okay so you guys don’t often get to see
what’s happening behind the scenes when I’m doing my more normal videos and I
decided to give you a little fun glimpse today so I’m shooting with two
cameras right now I’ve got my more professional camera right here and I’m
going to do some slow-motion shots here we go so I’m going to start off with the
Tangzhong and next I’ve got the flour last but not least the egg let’s see if we can get this thing to
work so this has been going for about four
minutes I saw a great tip online which said that you should really scrape the
sides of the bowl clean because these home stand mixers they don’t get
everything that’s at the bottom so you really want to incorporate everything
you should keep scraping maybe every four minutes you should probably scrape
the bowl I intend to leave this kneading for 10 ish 12 ish minutes so every 4
minutes I’m going to be scraping that bowl that’s looking pretty good already I don’t want to
get the dough out but I definitely want to sort of flip it a little just to make
sure that we’re hitting the bottom in there doesn’t need to be perfect it’s going pretty well with this one I’m
pretty happy with it so far probably didn’t expect that it would be
so easy that was another four minutes gone this
is looking pretty good it’s looking quite you know stretchy
those gluten strands are really working you can see it’s changing four more minutes okay it’s had its last four minutes you
know I’m gonna move this KitchenAid mixer aside I’m gonna clean the table
I’m gonna make sure I have clean hands because we’re just gonna shape the dough
a little bit I’m back kitchen counter is clean I’ve got clean hands ready to shape the dough and set it aside afterwards so it can rise look at this dough
though it doesn’t want to come over the dough hook food struggles dough
struggles right so I’m going to flour this surface and attempt to get this dough out of its
happy little resting place I feel like this could have been done a bit more
elegantly great I’m just gonna grab a little bit more dough I mean flour just have a little bit of a knead it’s clinging but
at the same time it lets go very easily of my hands a tiny bit left there
but it’s very smooth beautiful dough what we’d really want to check for
is if it passes the window pane test you grab a little bit of dough or you
can just do it with the ball and generally kind of stretch it out until
you can not really see through it but you know see some light through it and
then I would say that definitely passes it’s beautiful there’s not even a hole
right there it’s super thin so I just want to shape this what I want to do is
kind of flip it onto itself like this that’s what I’ve seen other people do so
we have a little roll and then we gently tuck it in underneath and I’ve got this
little measuring thingy with also known as a measuring cup
I’m gonna lightly grease this with a little bit of like spray and plop it in there
to rest there we go now this is probably not what I would usually rest my dough
in but I’d really like to see when it doubles in bulk and this is pretty much
the perfect container for it when it reaches the top
it’s doubled there we go okay guys we’re back again it’s proofed
for about 60 minutes 75 minutes I think anyway most important thing is when I
started it was about here and it’s about doubled in size and it’s beautiful and
puffy just take a look at all these beautiful bubbles we’ve got in here so
now what we have to do is pour it out onto our clean surface again knock the
air out of it and cut it into our little dinner rolls it comes out pretty easily
just oh I mean it’s a beautiful dough I’m just going to cut this into eight
pieces there’s a special way that they suggest making these rolls and that is
that you want to kind of flatten them out like so and then take these small
ends and just roll and then shape it into a ball anyway so this whole flatten, roll and shape is meant to get the bread used to being this shape and
apparently also changes the crumb structure a little bit so you’ll have
this like delicious airy bread if anyone knows the science behind this I think a
lot of people would love to know so leave a comment down below we’d love to
know I mean look how cute they are last one now I brought out this baking tray and I’m gonna put this very noisy piece of parchment paper on it and I’m
going to transfor I mean transfer our lovely little rolls over I’m not expecting this
to be sort of a pull apart style I am actually wanting them to be separate
dinner rolls but if you want pull apart style you just need to find a container
that will help them merge into each other while they’re rising so I’m meant to
cover the pan and let it proof for another 40 to 50 minutes I’ve had my oven preheating for about 20
minutes on 175 degrees Celsius let’s take a look at how these rolls are
looking right now they are about maybe double in size they look so good all
right I’m gonna give these a brush you can either do milk and brush them with
milk or use egg wash so that’s egg and a little bit of water and brush them with
that I’m gonna use milk because it’s just simpler so it says they need 28 to 32 minutes
about 175 degrees Celsius apparently you’re supposed to put a thermometer in
and it would read in Fahrenheit 190 at least but let’s wing it I mean how many
people really have a thermometer when they’re baking bread I don’t know is it
just me? so I’ve just taken them out of the oven
they’ve been in there for 30 minutes look at these they are looking pretty
Brown maybe a teensy bit burnt but not quite and they smell so good they smell
so buttery my whole kitchen smells of butter oh I can’t wait to try it just I
didn’t want to open the oven or change anything in case I ruined something with
these to be honest they look like teensy bit burned so now they need to cool down for
about 10 minutes on the baking tray and after that I can transfer them to a
cooling rack let me try cutting one of these open for
you now so you can see what it looks like now we’ve cut it up they look amazing I
want to see how do they taste let’s give this one a little try here I’m
gonna break it up a little bit this is a really dense bread it’s sweet and very
tasty I think this would be an amazing bread for breakfast toast maybe even a
good cinnamon roll I think these rolls are really delicious
actually I think this is a very tasty bread I
would definitely make it again so thank you so much for watching this video and
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enjoy and thank you for watching In Carina’s Kitchen see you next time