What up FoodTubers, Jamie Oliver here we are cooking in Australia look at the Sydney Opera
House nothing better than that we’re doing a lovely simple barbecue of crispy prawns, lovely little croutons smoky bacon and we’re gonna do it with none other than Tobie Puttock Tell us about the dish that we’re going to be cooking. I thought we’d get you cooking some prawns on the barbecue today at the opera house it’s a shame not to isn’t it. Australia. yeah it’s a shame not to basically we take these beautiful big rosemary skewers. Yeah. And we’re going to use them as skewers Cooking on this stork will give you incredible flavour We love it don’t we? Remember we used to do this dish with kind of scallops and prawns on rosemary One day I couldn’t get scallops so I started using ciabatta like this And then I’d push it straight down like that. We’re using a prawn here But cooking next to your shellfish it could
be anything like scallops salmon, whitefish. Once we stop barbecuing this all that beautiful fat renders through the bread so it melts down, you get so much flavour into there. Kind of like super turbocharged croutons
like you get in a salad yeah. So I’ve got some cold pressed olive oil in here or extra virgin olive oil with a crushed
garlic clove, salt, pepper and I’ve got some rosemary which I’ve just busted in half here and we use that as a brush and just before we started filming I
just warm that up for about you know 2-3 minutes just to get the chill
out of the Olive oil and that will also help infuse the garlic,
and the seasoning and the rosemary through the oil which’ll then transfer through this as we start cooking. Yeah. I’m even going to put it in between the prawn now as well So if I can – can I just nick some of your oil. Yeah go mate, go. Now we probably don’t need to season it much do we Tobs? Well we’ve already got seasoning in the oil. Okay. As well we can seasoning it a little more after. Straight on? correct At the same time I’ve got some lemons
which are on here grilling Everyone knows the flavour of a lemon but what a lot of people don’t think about is the sugar content within the lemon which starts to actually caramelise when we’re grilling that up so it changes the flavour profile So it’s more jammy. More jammy but it also gets sweeter as well Yep. And you’re charring it as well. And you’re charring it. Fantastic. Let it tick over. So we’re probably ready for a turn I reckon. Let’s flip. So I normally pick it up from the side sort of with the prawn facing away and look at that. Gorgeous. Looks lovely doesn’t it. So often when I kind of just got to this
stage, we’re about to serve. I take some of this lemon You’ve got to be careful when you doing this cause it’s sort of that juice does get really really hot in there and we just squeeze that straight over the top just before serving it It is like a little jam isn’t it. It’s cool isn’t it? This is gonna be good It’s gonna be awesome. I think they’re pretty perfect now and the colours are gorgeous what a lovely thing Tobie. And you can see this rosemary as well we can actually eat that now. So just sprinkle that over the top. It’s beautiful yeah you really can just put it over the top. We’ve got our lovely lemon again and if you want to, you can take a little bit
of this olive oil and just over the top as well beautiful, cool huh? So there you go guys so simple and you put that on a BBQ and it’s going to transform the norm So if you want to check out Tobie’s channel click on the link below please please subscribe and ash him questions he’ll respond to you use him, abuse him just like I do oh yeah. Time to try some? Let’s go. I’ll take the top, I’ll take the bigger one Aw man, Rosemary and seafood is so underrated. What a joy. They’re lovers That is super, super tasty from Sydney Opera House take care. If you like this recipe give us a thumbs up have a go at this, have fun, until next time take care.