Hi, guys! Today I’m going to show you how to make Shrimp Pad Thai. If you want to learn how to make more authentic Thai recipes, Click the subscribe button and the little bell to get a note of new recipe videos from me. This easy and authentic recipe for stir-fried noodles is a classic Thai street food. This is one of the top ten popular Thai food recipes that you can make it at home, It will be easy and takes just 10-15 minutes to make this dish. Pad Thai is basically rice noodles that you can stir fry with other ingredients like: Pad Thai sauce, chili paste and other ingredients like: tofu, eggs, beansprouts, garlic shives, etc. So, are you ready? Shall we make it? Cooking oil, shallots, fermented beans, and dried chili – I soaked it in water. Ok, let’s do chili paste now. I’ve got chili, I will add it to the blender. Fermented beans, shallots, and then cooking oil. Blend them together. So, now I’ve got my chili paste. Next, we’re gonna stir-fry the chili until the oil separates from the chili. You will see what I’m talking about soon. As I said moments ago, we will stir fry this chili until the oil separates from the chili. That’s what you want to see. So, now it’s ready – I will turn the gas off. And then, we will make another part of Pad Thai – I’m gonna make Pad Thai sauce. So, this is the vegan fish sauce I made from the previous video. Palm sugar, tamarind paste; I will mix them together and simmer on heat. Tamarind, palm sugar; We need to add more palm sugar because Pad Thai has a kind of sweet taste. My vegan sauce. Now, Pad Thai sauce is already done. You can see that the colour is clearer than before. This is a banana flower; So, you have to remove the purple leaf first, then you will see the white part like this. And then, we will cut it in half, then in quarters. Once you cut it, this thing will go black if you’re too slow. So, we need to put it in water with lime. We don’t need this bit, we will take it out. You can see it going black already. What you could do is use the lime. Like that. And we can see the colour turns to white and you have more time to do the other bits. Ok, I will cut it off about that thick. Like that, ok? Two slices for one person. And then, cut it in half, like this. Then, I will cut them again – about this thick. Add cooking oil. The oil is hot – I think, not really. Ok, we’re done. Let’s talk about noodles – rice noodles. So, I soak in just normal water for five minutes before I cook them. And then I’m going to strain it out. So, this is the last process that we have to do. Add some oil. First of all, I’m gonna cook tofu until it gets a little bit yellow. I think the oil is already heated up so I will add tofu. When the turns to yellow like this, I will add the egg. And then, break the yolk. Then spread it out. And then I will add the noodles. And stir-fry until the noodles soften. So this part, you don’t have to rush to stir-fry them. Otherwise, you will end up with hard noodles. Once the noodles soften – you can see, right? I will add One spoon of the chili, and Pad Thai sauce. Then stir it up. And then it’s done! Look at that! How lovely is this?